Side Bet City – enjoy an interesting game of poker!

We are introducing you to an exclusive live poker game – Side Bet City! The provider Evolution Gaming has made an effort to bring the Las Vegas neon lights closer to the poker game players. Sit back, play with your hands and enjoy the game!

Side Bet City

 Side Bet City, online casino bonus, poker.

 Side Bet City

Side Bet City is a fast, simple, live poker game with big payouts. If you are a new player then you will love it because it’s an easy and entertaining introduction to the game. It is also a good game for experienced players to get big payouts. 

This game is a great variant of poker in which every player bets to win hands. So, you can place a bet on a 3-card hand, a 5-card hand or a 7-card hand. Alternatively, you can bet on the “all lose” option if you believe that none of these hands will win.

 Rules of Side Bet City

 This great poker game can be played by an unlimited number of players simultaneously on the same table, where the players will be playing against the paytable and not the dealer. You can play the game with one standard deck of 52 cards, which are shuffled after each round of play.

Side Bet City

 Side Bet City, online casino bonus, live poker

New live poker game

 To participate in the game you need to place your bet on the marked betting fields, which includes a 3-card hand, a 5-card hand, a 7-card hand, and the All Loses fields. The dealer will deal a total of 7 cards. The first three cards will determine the result of the three-card hand. If you place a bet on a 3-card hand and win, then you will see the winning message! The dealer further draws the cards. The first five cards will determine the result of the 5-card hand and the 7-card hand will be determined based on all seven dealt cards, taking into account the top five cards out of a total of seven.

If you place your bet on All Lose option, then neither a 3-card hand nor a 5-card hand nor a 7-card hand wins, then you will be the winner.

 Enjoy the best poker game – Side Bet City!

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