Age of Ice Dragons – embark on a mission to the ice kingdom!

The game developers Kalamba brings you a fantastic Age of Ice Dragons slot that gives you a chance to sit on the wings of an ice dragon and fly on a breathtaking adventure.

The game features beautiful Dragons, a King, a Queen, a Prince and a Princess that lead you through the ice kingdom, with a handful of precious stones. The game also has five reels in a unique 3-4-3-4-3 lineup, 40 paylines, Wilds, free spins and exciting missions.

Age of ice dragons

Age of Ice Dragons, Kalamba Games, Online Casino Bonus
Age of Ice Dragons, Kalamba Games

The background of the slot displays a high mountain range that surrounds a castle guarded by dragons and threatening the kingdom. Your mission is to defeat the dragons and save the beautiful princess.

The slot has two wilds and a scatter symbol which is an icy dragon.

The first wild is the gold plaque with the inscription Wild. For each collected wildcard symbol, there is a wildcard counter above each snout and that collects the Wild Collection Icon. When three of these wilds gather in one reel, they open the Wild Column function, through which symbols are converted to wildcards and the slot is rewarded with corresponding values. The Wild Column function lasts only during free spins and ends when there are no more Wild Collection symbols left in the wildcard counter of that reel. If another symbol appears on the reels during this function, the wildcard counter increases its value.

Age of ice dragons

Age of Ice Dragons, Kalamba Games, Online Casino Bonus
Age of Ice Dragons

The second wild symbol is the Wild Collection symbol which appears in the shape of a golden dragon with a shield having two swords. It appears on the first, third and fifth reels.

Free spins of the Age of Ice Dragons slot

There is another feature that is common when it comes to slots, the Free Spins feature. It starts when three Bonus symbols appear on the reels and the player is rewarded with 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier. It is possible that Extra Spins symbols will appear on reels two and four during free spins. If this happens, you will get another free spin. When the three Wild Collection Icon symbols are collected during this feature, they will fill the entire reel with wildcards and remain so until the end of the free spins.

One of the wild symbols of this slot can also appear during free spins on reels 1, 3 and 5. The collection of these symbols also occurs during the Free Spins function.

When we look at the controls above reels 1, 3 and 5, they are filled in when we get three wildcard symbols in the basic game. Then one button is filled in, and during free spins, the reel filled with wilds become Sticky Wilds.


The slot also offers you a choice to select missions from a list of three and four levels. You first get a chance to choose a mission that represents a collection of symbols during a certain number of spins that you choose. Then you have to choose a level of mission you want to play from bronze to platinum. This setting is available on both the basic game and bonus spins.

The upper right corner of the slot gives you a chance to choose a mission level. Prizes increase with each level, so, for example, if you choose bronze, you get 30 free spins, and if you choose platinum, you get 100 free spins!

Age of ice dragons

Age of Ice Dragons, Kalamba Games, Online Casino Bonus
Age of Ice Dragons

Will the path to the princess be thorny, will the courage defeat the evil dragons … you will see in the video slot Age of Ice Dragons!

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