Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine – online casino slot

The Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine video slot is another adventurous slot from the Microgaming provider, in which Amber Sterling, a young scout, takes us on a journey to ancient bonuses. This is a slot with rich graphics and interesting animations, into which we are introduced by the music of soothing tones, which gained momentum when launching bonus functions and games.

Through a great video slot, this researcher follows us, primarily with her encouraging messages, and leads us to a bonus function with multipliers, wilds and respins, and a bonus game in which one of the four fixed jackpots is guaranteed. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you, keep reading this review, and then head to the online casino, where you will try the game and see for yourself the variety of bonuses.

Trace the ancient temples to exclusive bonuses in the Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine video slot

The online casino slot Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine is located in front of the entrance to an ancient temple made of stone, surrounded by various vegetation, with which the music of a slower tempo fits perfectly. The game board is also made of stone, with two stone statues and five columns in three rows. Let us first introduce the symbols, basic and special.

The first group of symbols includes the classic card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, and they are joined by symbols of greater value, represented by a lantern, a compass, an elephant figure and a human figure in a meditation position.

Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine
Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine slot layout

All these symbols should be grouped in combinations of 3-5 of them, from left to right in columns, next to each other, in order to provide a gain. Such combinations of symbols should then be found on one of the 20 fixed paylines in order for the winnings to be secured. Simultaneous payments on several payment lines are possible, and if several combinations are found on one payment line, only the most valuable one will be paid.

The first symbol from the special group, the wild, will help you put together the winning combinations in the Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine slot. Gold with the inscription Wild is the wild of this slot, it appears in all columns and provides payouts for your own combinations of 3-5 of the same on the payline. In addition, the wild can provide payouts in combination with the basic symbols, replacing them on the game board.

Choose carefully – the gems lead to one of the four jackpots

Another special symbol cannot replace symbols, but it can also provide you with payouts. The mirror with a gold frame encrusted with precious stones is the scatter of this slot, which appears in columns 2, 3 and 4. Although it does not provide prizes for its own combinations, the scatter takes you to a bonus game, where there are even better bonuses. When you collect one scatter symbol in the mentioned columns, a bonus game starts, which does not have free spins, but is designed as a dial game.

Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine
Bonus game with four jackpots

Once you run the Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine bonus game, there will be 12 items in front of you, which can take you to one of four jackpots. Pay attention to the printed jackpot values ​​on the left; below each of the jackpots are three blank fields. By selecting one item at a time, one field of jackpots is filled in, depending on which gem you pulled out. When you fill in the three fields of one jackpot, you have won the fixed value of that jackpot, which is applied to your balance, and you return to the basic game.

The base game hides a fantastic feature with multipliers, respins and wilds

In addition to the bonus game, the Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine video slot also has a bonus function, which runs exclusively in the basic game. Two stone statues above the columns surround a window in which special symbols appear, in charge of launching the bonus function. The window will randomly open and display one, two or three flame symbols – a sign that bonus features are arriving.

Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine
Bonus feature

Opening a window can introduce special fields into the game, which will serve you well because they introduce multipliers, whose value grows every time one field is marked. The value of these multipliers can go up to x5, which uses their power in The Blazing Wild Streak function.

Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine
The Blazing Wild Streak

When one respin symbol with multipliers x1, x2 or x3 appears above the column, the bonus function The Blazing Wild Streak begins. The respin symbol remains in place, in the window, and all marked fields are converted to wild symbols. In addition, each marked field can carry a multiplier up to x5, which will then be reflected in your winnings during the bonus function. In addition, all multiplier fields will be multiplied by each other, and all winnings on one payline will be multiplied again by the respin symbol with the multiplier.

Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine is a top-notch video slot, with lots of ways to win, but also a lot of fun. The bonus function with respins and multipliers will serve as a great introduction to what awaits you: a bonus game without free spins, but with four fixed jackpots, which adds adrenaline and takes this game to a whole new level. If you are ready for an adventure, visit your favorite online casino, where this little treasure is located.

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