Arcade – a classic slot game with a fruit theme

Classic online casino slots can rightly be described as timeless. Their popularity does not stop and providers are re-creating games with this old-school theme. Provider Wazdan has created its own version of the classic Arcade game, with a fruit theme, which will keep the attention of players at a high level.

In the next part of the text, find out all about:

  • Theme and features of the game
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

Classic slots are usually simple with functions that are easy to handle and that simplicity is one of the reasons why these games are firmly on the casino scene.

Online casino game Arcade has a cool green background. The frame of the column is made of pure gold because it occupies the center of the screen with a lot of shine.


The Arcade slot looks stunning with its visuals. Wazdan studio developers have pulled a page out of the past of video game developers. So they took something old and made it look brand new.

The symbols presented in the Arcade slot are based on the classic slot style because you can see oranges, pineapples, plums, pears, grapes and lemons.

There are also symbols of coin bags, watermelons, raspberries, cherries and apples. Also, in the game, you will see the Vegas symbol on a black background.

Slot Arcade combines retro and innovative elements in the game!

We have already said that this is a simple game with classic elements, so this is the setting. So, you will play on three columns with three rows of symbols and one payline.

At the bottom of the slot is a control panel that is characteristic of Wazdan provider slots and is very easy to operate.

You adjust your bets using the +/- button, and when you are ready to play, press the Start button.

If you want to speed up the game, use the ultra-fast mode shown by a galloping horse, the rabbit is a symbol for fast mode, while the turtle is a symbol for normal mode.

You can use the autoplay mode by pressing the Autoplay button to the right of the Start button.

ar 2 2

It is also recommended to look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game and the values โ€‹โ€‹of each symbol separately.

Although the online casino game ARCADE is very simple, it also has a special bonus feature.

If you look closely, you will see a place above the columns that holds the stars. You can see a total of 9 stars representing the columns below.

When you rotate the slot columns you will see various symbols that have stars on them. When these star symbols fall on the columns, the corresponding star in the diagram above lights up.

The stars take you to the mini bonus!

Then you will see that the mini bonus on the right side increases by the amount you invested when that star was shining.

When you turn on all the stars, you will have one more step to win that mini bonus. All you have to do is hit the payline to claim the winnings.

It is relatively easy to win in the Arcade slot because you can take the prize for two symbols in a row.

You can also use the STOP function to keep the column, which can increase your chances of winning big. This way you can prioritize symbols of greater value.

The last feature that is important to mention in the Arcade slot is the mini bonus game of gambling.

You can jump into the mini gambling bonus game after any winning combination by pressing the x2 key that appears on the control panel.

ar 3 3

The mini gambling bonus game gives you the chance to double your winnings by guessing the color of the next randomly selected card.

The colors available to you to guess are red and black, and the chances of winning are 50/50%. This is a feature that is very attractive to players, and it seems that they will not get bored soon.

Arcade is optimized for all devices, so you can play it on your mobile phone, wherever you are.

With the game Arcade, the provider Wazdan has created a perfect fusion between the old and the new, which will keep the attention of the players at a high level.

Play the Arcade slot at your chosen online casino and enjoy the juicy fruits.



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