Around the World – great bonuses in an online slot!

The Around the World video slot is intended, just as the title suggests, to take you around the world, show you the most famous buildings and help you reach the casino bonus along the way. This is a creative product of the online casino game provider Endorphina, with a recognizable interface, which includes twice as good wilds, free spins with multipliers and a gambling bonus game. An attractive girl with purple hair takes you on a trip around the world, and powerful music will be a great companion, announcing unprecedented action. Continue reading this review for more information about the slot, and you are ready to embark on another online casino adventure!

Imagine an amazing world that contains some of the most famous and oldest buildings in one huge space. This is what the background of the online casino slot Around the World looks like; on the left are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Parthenon and the Moai statue from Easter Island, while on the right is the Great Wall of China, above which rises the Pyramid and the Colosseum. Let’s add an adventurous audio recording to a sleeping area full of buildings, and we get an exciting video game, ready to entertain you.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime – play the Around the World video slot

The Around the World slot board consists of five columns in three rows, and it alternates between basic and special symbols, of different values ​​and functions. The first group of symbols includes the classic card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, which make the symbols of lower value. These symbols are joined by the somewhat more valuable symbols of the Moai statues, the pyramid, the Colosseum, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China.

All the basic symbols will provide you with a payout for a combination of 3-5 of the same, from left to right in the columns, starting from the first column to the left. This rule is somewhat different only for the symbols of the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal, because they will provide you with payments for only two of the same symbols.

Around the World

However, all combinations of basic symbols should be found on one of the nine paylines, as many as the Around the World slot has. If several combinations match on one payment line, only the most valuable one will be paid. As for paylines, they are adjustable, so you can set between five and nine paylines, and our advice is to play on nine, because that way you cover most of the game board.

The first symbol of the special group, the wild, will help you put together winning combinations. You will recognize this symbol by the sphinx, and it will be useful to you as a symbol that replaces all the basic symbols and builds gains with them. And not only that, the Wild provides twice as good payouts when it is part of the winning combination because it comes with a multiplier of x2. In addition, the joker provides payouts for your own combinations of 2-5 of the same, so it will be doubly useful to you. The only symbol that the joker cannot replace is another special symbol, the scatter.

Start a bonus game and enjoy free spins with multipliers

The girl with purple hair is a scatter video slot of Around the World, which also provides payouts for the same 2-5, but anywhere on the game board, regardless of paylines. In addition, when you collect at least three scatter symbols, you will start a bonus game with 15 free spins.

Around the World
Three scatter symbols

In addition to free spins, this slot also offers multipliers, the value of which is determined at the beginning by an interesting compass animation, which instead of the sides of the world carries the multipliers x2, x3, x4 and x5.

So, the bonus game starts with 15 free spins and one multiplier, which will process all winnings during the bonus game. There is also the possibility of changing the multiplier, which will provide the compass symbol, which appears only in the third column. When it appears in a single field, this symbol will cause the compass above the column to move one place clockwise.

Around the World
Compass symbol

Win valuable bonuses and further increase their value by gambling

In addition to the bonus game, the Around the World video slot has another way to get to the bonus: gambling. This option is available after each win in the base game or after the bonus game, and is triggered when instead of the Spin key you press the key on the other side, which contains the cards. Then you will find one discovered and four hidden cards, and the goal is to hit a card with a higher value than the discovered one. If you make the right choice in this guessing game, your spin that started the game will double the win and you can continue gambling or return to the base game.

Around the World
Gambling Feature

All in all, Around the World is a standard video slot, with an interesting theme, tempting for all types of players. Exclusive bonuses are something you can find here in the basic game through twice as valuable wilds, a bonus game with free spins and multipliers and a gambling bonus, which again gives twice as valuable prizes. Find this video slot in your favorite online casino and enjoy a fun journey to the casino bonus.

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