Asgard and the Nordic gods are waiting with special games!

Pragmatic Play introduces to you the casino game Asgard, which is a slot just right for fans of Norwegian mythology. This game is enriched with great chances and excitement to make more money! If you are a fan of Norwegian myths, then don’t miss this golden opportunity to play Asgard video slot with multiple bonus features that increase your winning chances in each spin!

The background of this video slot is the endless starry sky, and we can see a part of the mountain, but also a waterfall from which the water spills in large gusts and falls to the ground, disappearing into the deep forest. The slot board is located in the central part and bordered by golden pillars. The background of the reels is dark red and very successfully displays the symbols on the reels. There are five reels, in three rows and the slot has 25 paylines.

Asgard slot symbols

When we talk about symbols, the symbols of lower value are standard card symbols in the form of the cards A, K, Q, J and the number 10. The symbols of higher value are the symbols of various Nordic gods.

Pragmatic Play, Online Casino Bonus, Asgard
Asgard slot symbols

The Wild symbol is represented by the logo of the slot itself in the form of a golden palace with the inscription Asgard. This is a symbol that changes all regular symbols and helps them create winning combinations. The only symbol it cannot replace is the scatter symbol. Also, this is a symbol that appears on all reels.

The scatter symbol of the Asgard video slot is represented by a magnificent mask that radiates blue. This is a symbol that appears only on the central reels, i.e. on the second, third, and fourth reels. When you collect these three symbols in the base game, your bet on that spin will double. And that’s not all! When you collect three scatter symbols on the reels, you will start the bonus game Free Spins! But we’ll talk about that a little later.

Pragmatic Play, Online Casino Bonus
Three scatter symbols

Four great bonuses within the basic game!

The basic Asgard video slot game has four types of games that occur randomly:

  • The symbols of the gods turn into wildcards – at the end of each spin, the symbols of the gods will be replaced by wildcard symbols, as the name of the game itself says,
  • Reels full of stacked Wilds – during spin one or more reels are completely transformed into Wilds,
  • Appearance of a mysterious symbol that turns into other symbols – during the spin, the mysterious symbols stacked on all the reels, at the end of the spin, all these symbols are randomly turned into one of the regular symbols,
  • Falling wildcards – 3, 4 or 5 wildcards will be randomly added to the screen during spin

Try one of four ways to make great money!

The Free Spins function, as we said, is triggered by three scatter symbols. Before the round of free spins begins, one of four game types will be chosen. That will be one of the types we talked about in the previous paragraph.

  • If a type is chosen in which the symbols of the gods turn into Wilds – you get five free spins and all card symbols (A, K, Q, J, 10) will be replaced by Wilds during the function.
  • If the type in which the reels are full of stacked Wilds is selected – you get five free spins and during the function the whole reels will be randomly turned into Wilds. This can happen with all reels, from the first to the fifth.
Asgard, Pragmatic Play, Online Casino Bonus
Whole reels of the Wild
  • In case you get a type in which mysterious symbols appear – you get five free spins and mysterious symbols on the reels. At the end of each spin, these symbols are transformed into other symbols and thus make winning combinations with other symbols.
Asgard, Pragmatic Play, Online Casino Bonus
Mysterious symbols
  • If you like the type in which the wildcards fall – you will also get five free spins and in each spin, during the duration of this function, three, four or five more wild symbols will be added randomly to the reels. These symbols are removed after each spin.
Asgard, Pragmatic Play, Online Casino Bonus
Three randomly added Wilds

After all these functions, we can say with certainty that this is a game that has something for everyone. Turn on the tone on your device and it will inspire you to feel like you are really in the company of the gods! Play the Asgard video slot and let only the sky be your limit!

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