Astro Anna – an unusual space journey!

Astro Anna slot from the provider of Lady Luck and Spearhead takes you to explore the irresistible space world and travel to the moon and back. In this game you need to connect copper pipes to power your spaceship and go on a cosmic adventure. Make a wish and hit the road.

In the following text, learn all about:

  • Game themes and features
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

Space is a rare area that is unexplored, and with the help of the Astro Anna slot, you have the opportunity to go on this interesting adventure. This game is played on a 5×5 grid with winnings formed by connecting pipes.

Astro Anna

Astro Anna is not a typical slot because you have to line up the pipes to the top instead of lining up the paylines. There are 11 pipe symbols in the game. Each tube can connect to another to form a gain.

In addition to the tube, there is also a bonus round of free spins. If at least 4 different prizes are won in the same spin, a round of free spins will be triggered.

Up to 20 bonus free spins with multipliers can be triggered in this way.

Before you start winning this online casino game, set the size of your bets on the button marked with coins.

The Astro Anna slot has a pipe connection mechanic!

There is also an Autoplay button that allows the game to be played automatically a certain number of times. On three horizontal lines, you enter the game menu where you can see the value of each symbol separately, the rules of the game as well as other functions.

Also, in the Astro Anna slot, you have the option to adjust the volume as desired or simply turn it off. It should be noted that the soundtrack is adapted to the game and accompanies the perfect animations.

Astro Anna

There are also displays in the game that show the balance, the amount of the bet and your winnings. The game looks good on screen with plenty of visual and audio cues.

Also, the Astro Anna slot has a gambling bonus game that is triggered after every single win. You have the opportunity to risk everything and gamble to increase your winnings. The gambling game can be applied up to 4 times.

There are two options to gamble, red or black or to choose the color of the cards to increase the win bet by 4 times.

As we said, the Astro Anna slot is not a typical online slot. There are 11 pipe symbols in this game that are played on a 5×5 grid. Wins are achieved when the pipes connect to the top to form a win with 6 different prizes to be won.

Win Bonus Free Spins!

When 4 or more prizes are triggered on a single spin in Astro Anna, a round of bonus free spins is triggered.

Depending on how many prizes you started the bonus round with, you win a different number of free spins. You can win a maximum of 20 free spins with multipliers up to x10.

Astro Anna

There is nothing ordinary about this slot which makes it even more enticing for players. Once the journey begins, players will find a spaceship moving through space with different planets and stars in the distance. The aircraft controls are rather bland and dark, which is an odd twist.

Anna stands next to the columns and occasionally makes a movement or fires a rocket which works very well. It can be concluded that the animations are well done.

The music in the game is great, there is a sci-fi score that plays with a techno beat.

Astro Anna

With tube mechanics, the Astro Anna slot feels refreshing. We saw something similar with the game Mr Alchemister. In addition, the slot has free spins as well as a gambling game.

The graphics and visuals are excellently done. The animations add to the fun and the soundtrack is excellent. The appearance of the game will appeal to the players, and the unique actions will simply delight you.

It is important to point out that the game Astro Anna is optimized for all devices, so you can play it on your mobile phones, wherever you are.

Play Astro Anna slot at your chosen online casino and make a profit.



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