Astroboomers Turbo – fly into space for bonuses!

The online casino game Astroboomers Turbo is unusual and will keep your attention at a high level. This casino game comes from the Spearhead provider with a space theme and lots of action, and your goal is to fly a rocket and collect multipliers. You need to collect money before your rocket hits the meteorite and explodes.

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In the Astroboomers Turbo slot, one bet can be placed during a round of play. You can also set the multiplier on which the winnings will be automatically fixed. In this slot, you have the freedom to control your potential winnings.

Astroboomers Turbo

The game has an interactive space theme and an unusual way of playing. The RTP is 97%, and the level of volatility is variable and depends on the choice of players.

Join the game Astroboomers Turbo and experience a top gaming experience. In this game, fiery meteorites fall to the ground and everyone’s future is threatened.

The Astroboomers Turbo slot takes you into space!

Your goal is to escape to the moon in a rocket and hope you can avoid the fireballs. These fireballs come at high speed and can throw you out of the game.

This is not a common online casino game, there are no classic columns, rows and paylines. Things in this game are a little different, and you have to secure as much credit as possible while riding a rocket to the moon.

astro 22

The background of the Astroboomers Turbo slot is painted in several shades of blue and works very well. In the game, you will see several stars and a multitude of fire meteors that appear on the screen at high speed.

There are two sets of visuals in this game. The first rocket is loaded, and a group of astronauts stands in line hoping to find themselves in the rocket. If they succeed, they will jump and run around the platform to jump in and appear at the rocket window.

The second scene follows the rockets on their journey through space, hoping that they will not be hit by one of the fireball meteors. If you manage to launch one of your astronauts, they will jump out of the rocket.

Playing this slot means choosing how many astronauts you will send into space. Anywhere from one to three is allowed and you can choose a different number each time you start a new mission.

The dynamics of the game will keep your attention at a high level!

Before launching a rocket into space in the Astroboomers Turbo slot, you need to set the size of your bet on the Bet button. You will see a countdown to the launch of the rocket on the screen.

Your task is to make a decision when you want to throw every astronaut on the ship out of the rocket. Because meteorites are on fire and very dangerous, every second spent around them poses a risk that your rocket will evaporate.

However, every second you can hold increases the multiplier. In the end, it all comes down to time, good judgment and patience.

astro 33

When potential gains accumulate during the fly, you will want to withstand meteor attacks for as long as you can. So, this is a very exciting and dynamic game in which you will not be bored.

You can also try the Auto option where you can set targets for victory for each rocket. Automatic ejection will be activated when these limits are reached until you are hit.

Note that the option to automatically reset the bet size to the lowest possible value. Then you have to change it to suit you, even if you have already set it once before you go to Auto.

In the Astroboomers Turbo slot, you can choose to bet on one, two or three astronauts in each round. In fun mode, there are 10 levels of pre-set bets available for each person in the game, ranging from just 0.10 to a maximum of 100 credits.

Payments are based on the multiplier in play at the time you cancel the launch and cash. You will see these statistics on the screen in real-time.

Play the Astroboomers Turbo slot at your chosen online casino and win with an unusual game, full of action.


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