Bank Vault – a vault filled with casino bonuses

It’s time to take a peek at the bank vault. You will see a lot of money, a lot of gold bars and diamonds. All this will be presented to you in a great casino game that will inevitably entertain you.

Bank Vault is a video slot presented by the game manufacturer Microgaming. Great bonuses in the form of free spins, instant cash prizes are waiting for you, while the golden dollar will bring you a jackpot.

bank vault

If you want to find out what else awaits you in this game, we suggest you read the following text, which is followed by an overview of the Bank Vault slot. We have divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic characteristics
  • Bank Vault slot symbols
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Graphics and sound

Basic characteristics

Bank Vault is an interesting video slot that has five columns arranged in three rows and 25 paylines. To make any winnings, you need to connect three or more matching symbols on the payline.

All winning combinations are counted exclusively from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

You can make one win on one payline. If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination.

The sum of winnings is of course possible if you connect them to several paylines at the same time.

Clicking on the coin image button opens the Total Bet field. You can use the plus and minus keys to set the value of your stake.

An Autoplay function is available that you can activate at any time. You can place up to 100 spins through this function.

You can activate Turbo Spin Mode in the settings by clicking on the lightning button.

Bank Vault slot symbols

There are no famous card symbols in this slot. The symbols of the lowest payout value are a riot of money, an expensive watch and a diamond ring.

You will see gold bars right after them. At your disposal are single and double gold bars.

The great thing is that you can combine a winning combination from both types of gold bars. Of course, if the winning combination is from different bars, the payouts are a bit less.

Double gold bars bring 2 times more than the stakes for the five symbols on the payline.

After them, you will see diamond symbols on the columns: single, double and triple. A mix of different diamonds brings the least payouts.

The highest payout value among the basic symbols is brought by triple diamonds. These five payline symbols will bring you 10 times more than your stakes.

The Wild is represented by the Wild logo with a gold frame. It appears on all columns.

It changes all the symbols, except scatter and diamonds, and helps them create winning combinations.

dzoker 15

Five wilds on the payline will bring you 40 times more than the stakes.

Exclusive bonuses

The first type of bonus symbol is the dollar. It does not bring any bonus games, but this symbol pays wherever it is on the columns.

Nine dollar symbols on the columns will bring you the biggest possible win, 2,500 times more than the stakes! We will list only the largest payouts with dollar symbols:

  • Six dollar symbols bring 50 times more than the stakes
  • Seven dollar symbols bring 100 times more than the stakes
  • Eight dollar symbols bring 500 times more than the stakes
  • Nine dollar symbols bring in 2,500 times more than the stakes

dzoker 17

Scatter is represented by the vault door and appears on columns one, three and five. These three symbols activate the wheel of fortune on which you can be awarded one of the following bonus games:

  • Free spins
  • Random cash prizes
  • Bonus with dollar symbols


In addition, the multiplier of two, three or four will give you a wheel of fortune.

Multiplier applies to all bonus games.

The maximum number of free spins you can win is 30.

spinovi 11

If you open random cash prizes, banknotes will appear on the screen from which you will select one and win the prize below it.

If you win nine dollar symbols with a multiplier of x4, the maximum prize increases to 10,000 times more than the stakes!

Graphics and sound

Bank Vault slot columns are placed on the bank vault. Above the columns of this game, you will see a wheel of fortune.

The music is dynamic and is presented all the time as you spin.

Bank Vault – rob the vault and win 10,000 times more!



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