Batman Begins – a movie-themed jackpot slot

The Batman Begins video slot is based on the film of the same name from 2005 and is finally coming into the world of online casinos thanks to the casino game provider Playtech. This fascinating casino story has five bonus stages, each with its own characteristics.

With standard expanding wilds, each phase has special wilds which spread in four directions. Also, the slot has four progressive jackpots.

batman begins

Batman Begins is a progressive five-column jackpot slot in three rows and 20 paylines, and is available for play on all devices.

We have already mentioned that the game is based on the film of the same name, and the goal is to save Gotham from the League of Shadows while you are spinning at five famous locations. Each of these locations offers exclusive bonuses.

The online casino game Batman Begins is based on a movie of the same name!

The background of the Batman Begins game is the mountain landscape with the castle along the rocks, and the snow is constantly blowing as night falls.

The graphics and animations in this progressive jackpot slot are perfectly done. Four jackpot windows were visible at the top of the slot.

At the bottom of the interface is a command panel of excellent design, where it is noticeable that the number of lines is fixed, and you place the bet on Line Bet +/-. On the right is an inverted arrow that marks Start and is used to start the game.

If you are interested in additional details, on the left is the “i” option where you can find out the values ​​of each symbol, as well as the rules of the game.

You can set the Autoplay key to automatically spin from 10 to 100 automatic spins.

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It is time to present the symbols, and the first ones you will see on the columns of this slot are the symbols of cards A, J, K, Q, 9 and 10 of lower value.

They are accompanied by symbols of greater paying power in the form of main characters such as Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon, Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane, Batman and two other assistants. Batman is the most lucrative in this group of symbols.

The Batman Begins slot comes with three Wild, i.e. wild symbols, so you have the usual wild symbol represented by the silhouette of Gotham City with the Batman logo.

In addition, the slot has expanding and special wild symbols. All wilds are replaced by other symbols to provide the best possible winning combination.

Exclusive wild symbols are rewarded in the Batman Begins slot!

When the Batman symbol lands on the focal point, which is in the middle row of column three, it expands to occupy the entire column.

As for the special wild symbols, there is one that is unique for each of the five phases. So we have Flower Wild, Petrol Wild, Batmobile Wild, Bat-Signal Wild and Microwave Wild.

The game shows five phases and in each phase, you will see two meters above the columns and the focus in the middle row of column three.

When you fill the meter, you will be transferred to the phase corresponding to that meter. You start in the Temple, which can also be activated by landing Ra’s Al Ghul symbol on the focal point that fills the meter in the Monorail.

b2 2 5

On the stage of the temple comes the Wild Flower which expands one position of the columns in four diagonal directions.

If you drop the Bruce Wayne symbol on the focal point, you will add one bar to the left meter. If Dr. Crane’s symbol appears on the columns of Batman Begins slot, add one strip to the appropriate meter. When the meter fills up, you will move on to a new phase.

You can access the Wayne Manor stage when you fill the meter in The Temple or The Batcave stage.

Here you get Petrol Wild Wilds, which duplicate two to five adjacent positions when they appear. The scarecrow symbols on the focal point add at least one to the left meter, and the Gordon symbols add to the right meter.

Then you have the Batcave stage which is accessed when you get the symbols of Dr. Crane in the stages of The Temple or Arkham Asylum.

Respin awaits you here, and Batmobile Wild remains sticky on the slot columns. During Respin, all Batmobile wilds move one position to the left. The Bruce Wayne symbol at the focal point is added to the left gauge, and Gordon’s symbols are added to the right.

Batman Begins video slot brings four high-value progressive jackpots!

The Arkham Asylum stage can be played when you get the Scarecrow symbols at the focal point in the Wayne Manor or Monorail phase.

You will come across the wild symbol Bat-Signal which can be added to a random column at any spin and give you a multiplier between x2 and x50.

b3 1

And lastly, there’s the Monorail that you can get to when you get Gordon symbols at the focal point in the Wayne Manor, The Batcave or Arkham Asylum stages.

You will play with microwave wilds with the highest-paid neighboring symbols, duplicated in other positions on the columns.

When you see two or more Wild Microwave symbols on the columns, all adjacent symbols are duplicated with the highest value.

Of course, we must not forget an important item, and that is that the Batman Begins slot has the function of a progressive jackpot.

On any spin you can enter the jackpot game and win a Mini, Minor, Major or Grand jackpot.

The Batman Begins video slot has a lot of exclusive bonuses and a progressive jackpot, and the graphics and animations are impeccably done. You can try this fantastic casino game for free at your favorite online casino.



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