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Since time immemorial, it has been in nature for man to search for his happiness in some way. The first forms of some kind of gambling date back to ancient China and Ancient Rome, and even before that. Gambling stories bring something new and unusual. This time we will present you bizarre facts about gambling. So far, we have presented a large number of stories about gambling, some of them were interesting, you have seen stories about big winnings, interesting things that we have classified into certain categories. Bizarre stories about gambling are on our portal for the first time. Enjoy the rest of the text.

The most famous European city of casino culture, Monte Carlo, is forbidden to the citizens of the Principality of Monaco. In the middle of the 19th century, Princess Carolina banned gambling for the citizens of the Principality of Monaco. Thus, the negative commercial effects of gambling were avoided on the citizens of this principality. However, the citizens of Monaco got something in return. They are exempt from personal income tax. We would say that the citizens of the Principality of Monaco did not fare so badly.

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Poker – bizarre facts about gambling

Bizarre facts about gambling: the first slot machine was placed in a car shop

The first slot machine that appeared was not placed in the casino. Its home was a car dealership in San Francisco. Charles Fey was the inventor of the first slot machine called “Liberty Bell“. In 1895, the first slot machine was inserted into a car repair shop and car shop. It served so that people could have fun while waiting for their car to be repaired.

As this machine gained great popularity, casinos across America began to buy them en masse.

King Henry VIII was one of the worst gamblers

King Henry VIII married six times, but unfortunately for him women were not his only vice. Henry VIII was a big gambler. He loved playing cards and dice, but he also spent money on sports bets such as archery or knightly fights. The story, which is passed down from generation to generation, says that he had a long series of defeats that resulted in a loss of 4,000 pounds. If we compare it with today’s time, the equivalent of that is tens of millions of pounds.

Bizarre facts about gambling

Another thing that happened to Henry VIII, which could be classified as a bizarre fact, is that Henry VIII lost the bells from the church of St. Paul in one roll of the dice.

There are things that are not illegal but are forbidden in some or most casinos. Such is the case with counting cards from the deck. If you follow and count the cards that have come out, it is not illegal, but in some casinos you will be asked to leave them immediately. So, if you are counting the cards, be careful, do it so that no one notices. Famous actor Ben Affleck is one of the examples. He was banned from entering the famous Hard Rock Casino precisely because he was noticed counting the cards that passed in the deal. This thing may bring you a lot of good things if you don’t play for money, but if you do, try to do it imperceptibly.

The largest gambling city in the world

What do you think is the biggest gambling city in the world? Most of you would answer that it is Las Vegas. Although this city was celebrated by Elvis Presley with his song, although it is perhaps the most famous, this is not the biggest city. The largest gambling city in the world is Macau. When we compare gambling revenues in 2012 alone, revenues in Las Vegas are five times lower than gambling revenues in Macau. Most of the cash income in Macau comes from VIP players who bet in VIP rooms.

American Civil War

What do you think entertained soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War? They most often gambled or read. What code to play: cards, chess, checkers, horse races, it’s all turned into a bet. Poker and blackjack were the most popular games. This passion for gambling went so far that the killed soldiers of the opposing side were regularly examined in the hope that a new deck of cards or dice would be found. The passion for gambling goes so far that the soldiers of the north and the south were in a certain position during the night in order to gamble with each other.

Bizarre things about gambling – blackjack

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