Booming Bananas – an online slot with powerful bonuses

The Booming Bananas online slot takes you to a hidden oasis where Free spins, Wilds, and special features are waiting for you.


Let’s head to the parallel universe where monkeys have fun in the casino like it’s their natural habitat! Booming and Microgaming brings us a very interesting online slot called Booming Bananas, which features Free spins, two types of Wilds, and the option to gamble winnings.


Online casino slot Booming Bananas is an online release with three reels and three rows. There are 10 active paylines, which means you can change their number before each spin.

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The slot grid is located in the monkey’s shelter, on a tall tree, which provides an enchanting view of the valley over which the sunsets. This shelter is small and decorated, bananas and diamonds protrude from the ceiling, beautifully highlighted by red curtains.


On the black grid framed with a gold frame, we will find various symbols, which can be divided into basic and special.


First of all, the group of basic symbols includes single, double, and triple BAR symbols of different colors and values.


They are joined by a young monkey with silver jewelry and an older gentleman monkey with gold and diamond jewelry. Of the special symbols, the Booming Bananas slot has two types of Wild and scatter symbols.


Meet the two Wilds in Booming Bananas!


The first Wild is a regular Wild and appears in the form of a monkey with the inscription Wild. It provides payouts for its own combinations, which makes it the most valuable symbol, but it also has a special function.


This is a symbol that can replace any basic symbol on the game board and make a winning combination with it. The only symbol the Wild can’t replace is the scatter.


As for the other Wild, it was presented with a Lucky 7 with a banana. A small difference compared to the regular Lucky 7 symbols is that this Wild also has one X in front of it, which makes it a multiplier.


It appears only in the second reel and acts as a regular Wild, replacing the basic symbols, but when it participates in the winning combination, the value of the combination increases x7!

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2-Way Pay allows payouts in both directions


Symbol combinations need to be sorted from left to right in columns and paylines to win. However, this can be changed with the help of regular Wilds.


When you collect three or more Wilds on the grid, you will start the 2-Way Pay feature!


In the next 10 spins, you will have the opportunity to use payment in both directions on payment lines, from left to right, and from right to left. There is an option to extend this function if you collect three or more Wilds again.


Open a bonus game and gamble your winnings


As for the scatter symbol, it is shown with a silver medallion with the Booming Bananas slot logo and appears in all columns.


In addition to providing prizes for its own combinations and cannot be replaced by the Wild, this symbol can start a bonus game.


Collect three scatter symbols anywhere on the grid, regardless of paylines, and you will get 10 free spins! There is a possibility of getting additional free spins, which happens when you collect three scatter symbols again.

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If you happen to receive three scatter symbols during the 2-Way Pay function, the two-way counting of winnings is interrupted here, you continue with free spins and return to function after the bonus game.


The Booming Banana slot also has a Gamble option. This is an option that you can use after each winning spin, after a feature or after a bonus game, and even before the bonus game starts.


When you select this option, a screen with one card and two bananas, red and black, will appear in front of you. You need to guess which colors the hidden card is to double your winnings.


In the windows below the map, you can see the current win and the possible win, if you continue the game. You will be able to use the gambling feature 10 times in a row or until your amount won exceeds 10,000 points. Gamble is not only available if you are using the Autoplay mode.

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If you decide to play the Booming Bananas online slot, you will be greeted by a slot with several winning options. From Wild multipliers in the base game, which increase winnings x7, through Bonus games with Free spins to Gambling – something for everyone.


During the spin, you will be accompanied by a pleasant music recording in which drums and the sounds of various insects predominate. A real little oasis, full of great bonuses!


Stop by your favorite online casino and try a playful fun Booming Bananas slot game.




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