Casino Heist – a slot that offers two bonus games!

As the title suggests, the theme of this Slot’s game is casino robbery. All the symbols in this game, in both the standard spins and in bonus games are related to the casino itself.

The game consists of 25 paylines and standard symbols, as well as wild symbols that can change any symbol except the scatter symbols, which gives you the bonus game.

Some of the symbols of this game are the classic symbols K, Q, A and J, the golden key, money, gun, dice, girl, boy and croupier. The Scatter symbol is a roulette wheel marked “Scatter”, and the Wild symbol is the logo of the Casino Heist Slot.

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Casino Heist, Mb Games

Two bonus games of the Casino Heist can be won at the same time!

It is common for most slot games to have one bonus game. However, what sets Casino Heist apart is that it has two bonus games.

The first bonus game consists of ten free spins during which each win from the standard spins is twice as big!

Another bonus game is the robbery of the casino safe. By pressing the button, the player must first overcome the guard who he has to hit five times, in order to move to the next level. The second level is the opening of the bank’s safe, which must be blown up five times in order to reach the third level. At the third level, the player grabs all the cash from the safe.

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Level 3 – Robber Collects Money

It is also possible to get both bonus games at the same time. If this happens, the player will first play the Casino Heist bonus game and then the free spins.

All symbols, as well as the game environment are very dynamic. So, it easy for the player to get the impression that he is in a real casino, surrounded by numerous slot machines.

The sound also contributes to the relaxed atmosphere during the game, where with every spin you have the feeling that you are among the jazz orchestra of the casino.

Additional options provided by the slot machine allow the player to have a very good understanding of the game itself, the basic information about the game as well as an overview of the game history and all the details related to each spin.

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