Casino vocabulary

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Casino vocabulary

243 ways to win – When a video slot has 243 paylines, all you will be asked to do is place a bet. You will not choose how many paylines you want to play on, every possible winning combination from left to right will result in a win.

Active payline – An active payline is a specific payline on which you can place your bet. It becomes active only when you place a bet on it, just before turning.

Affiliate marketing – a branch of marketing in which a company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or user who is brought by the marketing efforts of that associate.

Ante – This term is used exclusively in card games. It is a mandatory type of bet that you place before you receive tickets.

Baccarat – Baccarat is a casino card game. Six or eight decks of cards are used in this game. The goal of the game is to make the sum of the cards in the player’s hands as close as possible to number nine. Also known as Punto Banco.

Balance – The remaining amount available to the player for the bet. The amount left to the player after the deposit or bet has been made.

Banker – Another name for a casino dealer.

Bankroll – The total amount of money that a casino or player has for their betting activities.

Beginner’s luck – A term used for a player who wins in his first game.

Bet max – The maximum amount of money you can bet on a single spin.

Bet min – The minimum amount of money you can bet on a single spin.

Betting limits – This limit includes the total amount to bet (from minimum to maximum) in one casino game.

Binary options – Binary options are used to bet on the movement of prices of certain raw materials, oil, fuel, gold, silver, and even stock indices.

Bitcoin (BTC) – A cryptocurrency that can also serve as a method of payment. The specific thing about this currency is that it guarantees the anonymity of users.

Blackjack – A card game in which the goal is for the sum of the cards you have in your hands to reach number 21, or to be as close to it as possible. If the sum of the cards in your hands exceeds this figure, you lose the game. Blackjack is played against a dealer.

Bonus – The bonus is free, the so-called virtual money. The casino will reward you with this money if you are a new player, or it will double your previously paid deposit. Also, if you meet certain conditions set by the casino in front of you, you can certainly cash this money.

Bonus Feature – The bonus function will be activated if special symbols land at a certain place on the payline. It is common for the bonus feature to reward you with free spins.

Caribbean Stud – This is a special type of table game that is based on online poker. The specificity of this game is that it was played on the table for Blackjack against dealers.

Cascading / Collapsing reels – This function allows you to immediately replace the symbol that lands on your canvas line with a new, special symbol. New symbols will continue to appear on the columns as long as they create winning combinations. This function ends when new symbols fill all the places on the columns, or in the first turn in which you do not get your special symbol.

Cash Back – A casino refund is a refund of real or bonus money that will be refunded to a player after his potential loss during the game. Casinos usually tend to recoup a percentage of their losses to players.

Cashier – An option used for player’s money transactions – depositing money or withdrawals.

Casino Adventage – The advantage of a house is the advantage that online casinos have over their players.

Casino Tournament – A casino tournament is a type of tournament in which you play slot games, or table games, with the goal of being the best. The player who scores the best usually receives a prize in the tournament, real money or bonus money.

Chips – Tokens used instead of real gambling money.

Classic Slots – Classic slots are, in principle, old slots and usually have three columns. These are the first games to appear at an online casino, and are also known as “Vegas slots” and “fruit machines”.

Coins – The amount you bet on each payment line individually.

Comps Point – Points you earn with each game in each casino. You can exchange them for chips at an online casino.

Craps – A dice game in which players bet on the total amount of two dice after the roll.

Croupeier – This term is most commonly used in Europe, it is another term for casino dealers.

Deal – The card a player receives during the game.

Dealer – A dealer is a casino representative who manages table games.

Deck – A standard 52-card deck used in online Blackjack.

Deposit – Real money used in an online casino to invest in the game itself or in a bonus.

Deuce – Number two, which you get in a dice game.

Double or Nothing – A bet that will double your winnings if you hit, or deduct your winnings if you miss. In this game, you usually guess which colors will be the next card drawn from the deck, black or red.

Draw – A term used when a player takes an extra card in games such as Baccarat or Blackjack.

Edge – The advantage that online casinos have over their players.

Expanding Wilds – A term used for slots. These are wild symbols that spread all over the column (reel) when they land on it. They help to create more winning combinations.

Face Cards – Gendarme, queen and king in any color in card games.

Flash Casino – A type of online casino game that you can play from a browser, using flash technology (Adobe Flash Player).

Flop – A term used in poker games, most commonly in Texas Hold’Em poker. Indicates the first three cards that are open on the ticket.

Fold – Fold occurs when you leave a hand and lose a bet. The term is commonly used in card games.

Free Spins – Free spins are awarded to you by the casino, or run by the slot itself, if you receive three or more matching symbols. So these are turns that won’t cost you anything.

Freeroll Tournament – A tournament that does not require any payment of money to participate in it.

Game Software – game manufacturer, provider.

Hand – The number of cards a player holds in one round. This term is most commonly used for board games.

High Roller – A player who has large stakes and deposits.

Hit – A term most commonly used in online blackjack. This is a situation where a player is looking for another card.

Hole Card – This is the card that the dealer receives in Blackjack, this card is face down. In other table games, it is a card that the player receives face down.

House – Another term for casino.

House Edge – The advantage of a casino over players, expressed as a percentage.

House Rules – Casino rules for specific video slots or table games.

Inside Bets – All bets placed on and around the number.

Instant Casino – A casino whose software you do not have to install on a browser. You play it directly on the site.

Insurance – A bet offered to a Blackjack player when his card is face up.

Insurance Bet – Two or more bets that cover each other.

Jackpot – The highest possible cash prize you can win while playing a slot machine.

Keno – A type of casino number game. Numbers from one to 80 are generally in circulation, and 20 numbers are extracted from the drum.

Land Based Casino – Slot clubs, casinos, casinos. Online casino.

Limits – The minimum and maximum amount of money that can be placed on each individual bet.

Line Bet – The amount of money that each player pays per active payline.

Live Casino – The part of the casino offer where you can play games like poker and roulette with a real casino dealer.

Lobby – A category in an online casino where you can see all the games that the casino has.

Mobile Slots / Games – Slot games that you can play on your smartphone or tablet.

Multiplayer Casino – An online game in which one player plays against another.

Multiplier – Symbols that bring certain values ​​by which your winnings will be multiplied.

No Strings Attached – Bonus that does not follow any conditions or restrictions.

Odds – Odds of winning, usually expressed as a percentage.

Online Casino Games – Games known as slot machines or video slots. They can be played or downloaded immediately.

Outside Bets – Bets in which the chips are placed outside the number schedule on online roulette.

Pai Gow – A Chinese game played with a pack of 32 dominoes. Much more popular is Pai Gow Poker, the American version of this game.

Payline – A series of positions arranged on columns (reels). Usually paylines are active only from left to right. It is the line that forms the arrangement of the symbols that form the winning combination.

Paytable – A paytable that provides players with basic information: winning combinations, number of paylines, the way the slot generally works. Includes winning amounts for each combination of individual symbols.

Pending Period – The time it takes a casino to make a payout to a winner.

Pot – A certain amount of money that is on the table and that represents the total stake of all players during the hand. It is most commonly used in poker.

Progressive Jackpot – The highest possible cash prize on a slot machine. The progressive jackpot is constantly growing until it is won by a certain player.

Progressive Slot – A slot game that offers a progressive jackpot.

Punto Banco – Another term used to denote Baccarat.

Rake (pixel) – This term is much better known in our country as “pixel”. The percentage that casinos charge during hand poker. The usual amount is from 2.5% to 5%.

Reel – A column that rotates with other columns in an attempt to form a winning combination.

Reverse Withdrawal – The period after you have requested a payout, but you still have access to your money and can return it to your deposit and use it to play.

River – This is a classic poker expression and means the fifth card that opens during the hand.

RNG – A program that randomly determines the result of a slot spin, using all possible combinations.

RTP – Theoretical payout percentage of slot machines. It can be calculated by adding up the total money won and dividing by the total amount of money “reversed” in that game.

Rogue Casino (Blacklisted) – A casino that is not recommended for certain reasons. The so-called blacklisted casino.

Rookie Player – A beginner player in casino games.

Roulette – A casino game in which a numbered ball with a ball spins. The object of the game is to guess at which number the ball will stop.

Scatters – These are symbols that, when they land on the canvas line, trigger free spins. In most games, they will run free spins, wherever they appear on the screen, regardless of the payline. Usually three or more of these symbols trigger the free spins option.

Shifting Wilds – A type of wildcard that moves around the columns, with each turn, whenever you achieve a winning combination. During the winning combination, the winning symbol will be removed and this joker will take its place.

Scratch Cards – This is a type of casino game in which you will win if you match three or more of the same symbols.

Sic Bo – Chinese game with three dice. You can bet on big, small numbers, even and odd. The game offers a lot of options. Translated, this expression means “precious cube”

Slots – Classic slot machines, but in their digital form.

Stacked Wilds – This type of joker spreads throughout the column and changes all other symbols, helping them to create a winning combination.

Sticky Bonus – A type of bonus that you cannot cash, but is used exclusively for the game. If you make a profit with this type of bonus, you can withdraw that money.

Sticky Wilds – This type of joker is similar to regular jokers. It changes other symbols and helps them form winning combinations. The difference between them and regular jokers is that they will stay standing in the column for the next turns.

Tournament – A tournament, usually in slot games or poker, in which players compete against each other in the result achieved.

Turn – A classic poker term denoting the fourth card to be dealt on the coupon.

Twenty one – Another term for Blackjack.

VIP – A player who has large stakes and deposits.

Wager – Stake.

Wagering Requirements / Playthrough – The amount of money you have to turn through the game to be able to redeem the bonus.

Wagering Free – A type of bonus that you can withdraw without any conditions. What you win you can pick up right away.

Wild Symbols – There are several types of wild symbols. What they all have in common is that they change other symbols and help them create winning combinations.

Withdrawal – A term used when a player asks to withdraw unused money from his account.


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