Crystal Crush – a real slot for puzzle lovers!

Great news awaits all players who enjoy unique slots! From the game maker Playson comes the extremely unique Crystal Crush slot.

The slot symbols are placed in a hexagon, so there are no common reels as with other slots. This slot looks like games you can play on your smartphone and looks a bit like a puzzle. Winning combinations are achieved if five or more of the same symbols are placed next to each other. Puzzle lovers, an exciting adventure awaits you!

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Crystal Crush, Online Bonus Casino

Crystal Crush

The Wild symbol is yellow, engraved with the letter “W”. It changes all symbols except the Crystallized symbols. Six other symbols are represented by different colours and have objects engraved in them such as a Star, a Clover and the Moon. The symbols are Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Red and Orange.

Crystal Crush offers a 6-level progression function!

Each ordinary symbol has its own promotion function and after fulfilling it, you will receive certain bonuses. The Crystallized symbols will fulfil the progress function of the corresponding coloured symbol next to them. To crush a Crystallized symbol, you need to collect the winning combination of symbols that are next to it, which will then turn the Crushed Crystallized symbol into an ordinary symbol. Every third crushed Crystallized symbol will assign a new bonus level.

There are six bonus levels:

  • Level 1: Winnings with this symbol will get a multiplier of two.
  • Level 2: Three random symbols of the same colour will turn into Wildcards.
  • Level 3: Winnings with this symbol will be given a multiplier of three.
  • Level 4: Up to six random symbols of the same colour become Wildcards.
  • Level 5: Winnings with this symbol have a multiplier of 4.
  • Level 6: All standard and Crystal symbols of the same colour become Wild symbols.

During any non-winning online spin, the Crystal Crush feature can also be activated randomly, which can activate the bonus to another level.

The Orange symbol is the highest-paying. Then follow Red, Green, Turquoise, Blue and Purple.

Crystal Crush is not a classic slot as the symbols are placed in one hexagon. The game is set on a beautiful beach. This unique set is pleasing and inviting. The music is pleasant and light and fits perfectly into this peaceful environment.

If you want to play a unique game, which is different from the vast majority of games, Crystal Crush is the right choice for you! Due to the unique settings and easy-to-understand rules, this game is perfect. Put together the perfect combination and great wins await you!

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