Deuces Wild Multihand – video poker!

Fans of online casinos like to enjoy video poker games, which are among the most popular online casino games. If you are one of the players who like the combination of traditional poker and slot machines which are online video pokers, you will be delighted by the fact that Deuces Wild Multihand video poker has arrived at online casinos. This great video poker game comes from the casino game maker Expanse Studios with all the elements of a classic casino game such as fast play, high payouts and the use of wild cards with the addition of a Double Up bonus.

Deuces Wild Multihand
Deuces Wild Multihand

Deuces Wild Multihand video poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and is intended for all types of players, both professionals and new player of this game. The main feature of this game is that the cards with the number two are jokers and are used as a substitute for other cards which can improve the winning combination. Expanse Studios has brilliantly implemented the popular slot feature into a video poker game. Jokers are used in slots to complete winning combinations, just like the number two cards in this game.

Enjoy the exclusive Deuces Wild Multihand video poker game!

Deuces Wild Multihand video poker is played with at least one hand and at most 25 in denominations of 1, 5, 10 or 25, with a maximum of five betting levels, which you set on the control panel before the game as well as the value of stakes, then press the Share button and enjoy playing cards.

At the bottom of the interface are options that allow players to adjust the value of the stakes by simply pressing Coin Value +/-, adjusting the number of hands in the Hands option, or changing the bet level between one and five in the Level option. For those a little braver who like maximum stakes, the Max Bet button is a great shortcut to automatically set the maximum stakes. You can also change which card you want to keep by pressing the Hold key.

In this game, you can play 1, 5, 10 or 25 hands with five different role levels. Note that coin values ​​vary. As we said by clicking on the numbers below the table you can adjust the bet level and the value of the coin to your liking.

Deuces Wild Multihand
Video Poker

The simple look and design make the Deuces Wild Multihand quite easy to play so it is no wonder a large number of players like it. All you have to do to start the game is to press the Deli key and you will get five cards which you can keep all or just a few. Then press the Share button again when you are ready to continue and the game will notify you of the hand you have with the soundtrack.

The hand you have will also be marked in the upper left corner and as soon as you press your hand, you will receive payment immediately. You can check the payouts for each hand in the table on the right. When you get the number two card, the game will mark it as a joker for easier review of your winning chances.

Video poker Deuces Wild Multihand has a gambling bonus game!

A treat in Deuces Wild Multihand video poker is the bonus game of gambling, which brings dangerous excitement because you get the opportunity to double your winnings or lose and that is the charm of adrenaline. Here is how.

Deuces Wild Multihand
Double Up Gambling Game

During the Double Up bonus game, after the winning combination, you have the opportunity to use the Gamble button and double your winnings. You will be shown five cards face down and all you have to do is guess the colour of the next randomly selected card. You need to guess between the red and black colour of the map. For each correct guess, you can continue playing the bonus game until all five cards are revealed, but you can also collect your winnings at any time before discovering the next card.

You can try Deuces Wild Multihand video poker for free in a demo version at your chosen online casino, no doubt you will like it. Expanse Studios is a new provider in the casino game market, which is making great strides towards the very top, which has been proven by the great video poker game Deuces Wild Multihand.

Simple design, great handling options with the addition of a gambling bonus game and number two cards as Wildcards Deuces, Wild Multihand promises extremely good fun. In our Video Poker section, you can find reviews of video poker games.


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