Dragon Legend – a great casino homage to the Chinese tradition

One of the most significant symbols of traditional China, known as the symbol of happiness and prosperity, served as the inspiration for a new casino game called Dragon Legend. This edition comes to us from the well-known online casino game provider PG Soft, which makes its games, especially for mobile phones. This slot has a beautiful graphics with an interesting soundtrack, this video slot is adorned with two bonus games through which you will hang out with dragons, the aforementioned mythical creatures. Free spins and a Wheel of fortune await you with cash winnings and Koi carp giving away free spins. Read more about the Dragon Legend video slot below.

A completely different approach to the Far East – Dragon Legend video slot

In a completely magical environment with a mysterious portal above the magnificently decorated gate, we begin to get acquainted with a slot that plays with oriental themes. Sympathetic symbols of water lilies and Koi carp alternate on the beige reels, which are joined as basic symbols by the classic card symbols J, Q, K and A.

The online casino slot Dragon Legend also has special symbols, starting with the Wild, which will help gain winnings. The Wild is a symbol represented by a red dragon with the inscription Wild, and it provides winnings for his combinations of 3-5 of the same on the payline. However, that is not the reason for the peculiarity of the Wild. Its ability to change the basic symbols in the winning combination and build winnings with them makes it one of the most important symbols of this slot.

Dragon Legend slot layout
Dragon Legend slot layout

To ensure a win in this slot, you need to put together a combination of 3-5 of the same symbols from left to right in reels. The combinations then need to be on one of the nine paylines that this slot has, for the spin to result in a win. If more winnings are found on one firing line, only the most valuable one is paid.

Free spins are born from the romantic dance of two carp

Let us stay on the basic game where we will return to koi carp. In addition to providing prizes for their combinations as separate symbols, these two symbols can also be combined into one common symbol and start a bonus game. In the romantic merging of two koi carp, a completely nice scene will be created, which will also bring free spins. To succeed in that, it is necessary for the two carp symbols, Gold and Silver to be found in the reels next to each other and for the Gold carp to be found on the left side, in the adjacent reel. You will then receive two free spins during which all winnings will be worth twice as much.

Dragon Legend
The first bonus game is the Dragon Legend slot

Spin the wheel of fortune in another bonus game to win cash prizes and continue playing

The Dragon Legend video slot also offers you a bonus game with a dragon – and how different when the whole slot revolves around it. To start the second bonus game, you will need the last special symbol – Scatter, which you will recognize by the inscription Bonus. This is a symbol that only appears in reels 2, 3 and 4, and when you line up one symbol in each of these three reels, you will run a bonus. The standard five-reel board moves from the screen and you enter the game with a point of happiness.

Dragon Legend
Another bonus game with a point of luck

In front of you will be a Red dragon that protects a colourful wheel of fortune on which there are monetary values ​​and which carp. You enter the bonus game with five free spins and the carp are in charge of extending this game. These are not classic free spins but rounds to the point of happiness. Press the Spin button and the dragon will spitfire that will turn into a fireball. The field on which this ball stops will be conquered and depending on what is on it will be applied in a certain way.

Dragon Legend
Collected Koi carp in a bonus game

For monetary gains, the thing is simple – they are added to your balance but as far as Koi carp are concerned, the situation is a bit more complex. To take advantage of the function of these symbols, you need to collect both, when you win two free spins or two rounds to the point of happiness. Once you succeed, the carp fields are replaced with monetary values, which gives you an additional opportunity to increase your balance.

Although already dealt with many times, the theme inspired by traditional China in this slot is not stereotypically represented by Gold, Red and the King of happiness and prosperity. On the contrary, this is a completely new approach to the Far East, in which bonus games are missed through flirting with mythology. Starting with free spins donated by Koi carp and ending with a lucky point in another bonus game, this is an interesting video slot that will satisfy the affinities of video slot fans. Find the Dragon Legend video slot in the online casino of your choice, via a mobile app, tablet or desktop and enjoy a beautiful online casino realization wherever you are.

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