Dream Catcher – turn the Wheel of Fortune and make dreams come true!

In February 2017, game maker Evolution launched a new game based on fortune. They created a game called Dream Catcher, which attracts experienced players, but also beginners. You can play this online game on a large, vertical wheel, which is span by the dealer. You can find the fortune wheel in many casinos and television quizzes.

Dream catcher

 Dream Catcher, wheel of fortune, online casino bonus
 Dream Catcher

In Dream Catcher, the wheel is divided into 54 equal parts, with 52 numbered segments. The numbers found on the dot are one, two, five, 10, 20 and 40. Each number has a specific color. If the wheel stops at the number you have chosen, you have won! The remaining two fields are multipliers of times two and times seven, which are the bonus fields that multiply your next win.

The game contains simple rules. All you have to do is place a bet on the number where you believe the wheel will stop. After that, the dealer will turn the wheel. When the wheel stops, an arrow placed on a flexible piece of leather above the wheel will show the winning number.

Wheel of Fortune

All bets are paid according to the value of the number at which the wheel stops. For example, if the wheel stops at number ten, the stake of times ten will payout, etc.

Multiply your winnings with Dream Catcher!

If the wheel stops at the segment showing the multiplier, all bets remain and will be valid for the next round. Only the potential winning will be multiplied by two or seven, depending on the wheel segment.

If the wheel stops on the multiplier segment two or more times in a row, they will multiply with each other and increase the win by that much. The number of consecutive multipliers is unlimited unless it exceeds the maximum possible payout amount.

The RTP (return to player percentage) of this game is 96.58%.

In addition to standard players, Dream Catcher will also attract fans of television quizzes and the occasional players. The game is exciting and has simple rules.

The game has charming dealers who will make you enjoy the game. Don’t miss Dream Catcher for much fun and relaxation. Spin your wheel of fortune, it may stop at your lucky number! Enjoy!

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