Elemento – a slot based on natural elements!

The Elemento video slot comes from a collaboration between Fantasma Games and Relax provider. This unusual online casino game is based on the classic elements of earth, water, fire and air. The game on the outside has Element Wilds which when activated, adds additional wilds and other benefits. There is also a bonus round of free spins with multipliers.

Video slot Elemento uses the Cluster Pays game engine. The slot setting is 9 × 9, but the standard symbols appear on the 7 × 7 grid, while on the outside they are Element Wilds.


To create a winning combination, you need to place a group of 5 or more matching symbols horizontally, vertically, or a combination of both.

The RTP is 96.33% which is above average. However, using the “Buy” function on the right side of the game, RTP will increase to 97.94%. With the “Buy” function, you can buy a bonus round for a fee.

Feel the power of water, fire, earth and air in the Elemento slot!

As we said, the Elemento slot is based on classic elements: water, earth, fire and air. The design is clear and well done, and the images are colorful which fits very well.

Slot columns consist of lower value symbols and higher-paid symbols. The most valuable symbol is the red sign. The Elemento slot can be played on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone.

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The online casino game Elemento is very unusual with bonuses that can deliver good rewards. Additional wild symbols, symbol transformation, removal of lower value symbols and a free spin bonus game await you.

To understand the Elemento slot you must first consider the game engine. You will be presented with a 9 × 9 grid, where the top, bottom, left and right rows and columns are the areas of ​​the element. Only marks and gaps may appear in the element area.

The 7 × 7 part in the middle of the grid is the play area. Here come the regular and wild symbols. If you get the right group of symbols, an avalanche follows.

Then the successful symbols are removed, and new symbols come in their place. The symbols in the element area do not form part of the avalanche.

There are 4 elements that bring additional benefits to the game!

There are 4 different wilds that can appear in the element area. They move clockwise with each successive avalanche. When the Wild element is part of a winning cluster, they are activated.

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This in turn increases the element meter to the left of column one. When there are no winning avalanches to play, all functions associated with the activated elements are played.

There is a Fire Wild feature where between 2 and 10 wilds are added to random online positions. Then, the function X of the flood, ie the water element, transforms 9 X-shaped positions into the same corresponding symbol.

The demolition function, that is, the earth element determines that one low-value element is chosen at random. All examples of this symbol are removed from the network and a new avalanche occurs. Up to 4 symbols can be removed from one trigger.

The function of a tornado, that is, the air element works by randomly selecting one symbol. Then 8 adjacent symbols are removed from the grid or all are converted to the same corresponding symbol.

elemento 3 3

Win bonus free spins!

The Elemento video slot features a free spin bonus game that is activated when all 4 Wilds elements are activated during a single spin.

You will be rewarded with 5 bonus free spins with another add-on for each Element Wild launcher.

Free spins start with a standard payout rate of x1. Each victory in the avalanche increases that multiplier by one. All cluster wins are multiplied by a multiplier, which can reach a maximum of x99.

If you like to play unusual games that offer a lot of action, then the Elemento slot is the right choice for you. The game has a demo version so you can try it for free at your online casino.

Play the Elemento slot at your chosen online casino and enjoy free spins and other benefits that are the key to big winnings.


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