Evoji – new strategy – find the hidden object!

We have a new game from the game developer Expanse. Evoji is a game that guarantees to meet your expectations and offers you a lot of fun as well as great winnings. The game has a pre-historic ambiance and cool graphics that make the gameplay even more fascinating. It can be classified as a game with a turn-based strategy in which you try to find five hidden objects on a 15 pocketed board.

The game has simple rules that will make you enjoy and win! The player has three attempts to find each item. After getting the first item, you have the opportunity to stop the game at any time and withdraw the money from your account. If you do not withdraw money, but continue the game and find all five items on the board, you will go to the next level and win a bonus. Each subsequent level has a different design to create curiosity and increase your anticipation of the game.

How to embark on an Evoji adventure 

The game begins by allowing you to select your bet. In the “next goal” field, you will see how much you will be offered to cash out once you find the desired object in the first open field.

If you open the field and miss, the stakes remain the same, but you will have two more lives and only open the next field. If you guess and find one more time, you will have three lives left and get the Cash out Option, where you can pay out the winnings allowing the game to start afresh. However, if you miss three times in a row, you will lose, the game will start over again. Note: if you get Level bonuses and rewards, you will progress to the next levels.

The distinctive feature of the game is the fact that it has limitless winnings. This brings extra excitement and makes this game irresistible. Evoji brings a perfect blend of mystery, fun, uncertainty and phenomenal graphics.

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