Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are two differences that we can label as key. The first is the way money is paid and disbursed. Online casinos sometimes have conditions regarding the minimum or maximum withdrawal of money from the account. Another key difference is related to bonus programs. Offline casinos generally do not have special requirements for the bonuses they offer, but they are therefore much smaller compared to the bonuses at online casinos. On the other hand, online casinos usually require certain conditions to be met after receiving the bonus, such as a turnover condition. But online casinos offer many more types of bonuses and offer them much more often.
Online casinos are generally safe places to party. Every online casino with a license to operate must meet a number of strict conditions in order to obtain a business license. Every country that allows online casinos to operate has at least one regulatory body in charge of issuing licenses. This regulatory body ensures that online casinos comply with legal requirements and provide fair and correct play to their customers.
You can. A large number of online casinos offer a Demo option, which is a rehearsal of a particular game of your choice. You can use it to check the features that interest you and then deposit money into the account and play. Live Dealer games are the only ones you can't try before making a deposit, these are games that require a certain amount of money in the account.
Only adults who have a JMBG and a valid e-mail address can register to play through the online casino. Minors are not allowed to open a betting account.
Of course, you can. Many online casinos have options for playing over the phone. However, you can find a larger selection of games if you are registered at a particular online casino via your computer.
This depends on the online casino. There are casinos where you can play directly through the browser and there are also those whose content you can see and whose games you can enjoy only after you install a certain application of that casino.
You can create a betting account through the registration option. What is usually required when registering an account is filling out the form by entering personal data. With online registration, you need to have your e-mail address or phone number through which you confirm your registration or you verify your account.
Are online casinos legal? There are no global laws that are applicable to the whole world, but online casinos operate in accordance with the laws of the country to which they belong.
If you happen to be interrupted, regardless of whether the problem is with the internet connection or the game itself, try to start it in a few minutes. When you re-enter the game, it will resume where it was stopped when interrupted. If it happens that the interruption problem persists, be sure to contact the online casino customer service. Expose as much information as you can about the situation (name of the game, screenshot, time when the disputed situation occurred ..) If certain problems occur with the software or hardware used by a particular online casino, all steps will be taken to solve the problem. Online casinos will not accept responsibility for technical problems with your device. It will also not accept problems caused by your ISP.
Absolutely. A good relationship with long-term users is very important to any online casino. It is important that this relationship is based on fair and honest play. All the providers that online casinos have on offer are strictly tested and certified and it is really ensured that they function in accordance with all possible regulations. The outcome of each round is based on random numbers provided by a random number generator (RNG). The loss or gain in a particular round is determined solely by how lucky you are. The outcome is not affected by your winnings or losses, nor by the losses or gains of other players.
You can usually see your activities through the My Account option, where you can select the Transactions subcategory. Most online casinos use these categories.
If you have this problem, it is most likely because you have accepted a bonus that is impossible to withdraw. You must use this bonus through the game in which you received the bonus. What is important to understand is that bonus money is not the same as real money. Bonus money allows you to play longer, but the downside is that you cannot cash that money until you meet certain requirements that that bonus carries with it.
Bonus promotions are promotional activities in which users are rewarded for their activity by awarding bonuses. Each bonus promotion has its own special conditions, which must be met before paying the bonus.
In bonus game slots, the player needs to receive a predetermined combination of symbols or collect certain symbols, after which they receive Bonus games and win special Bonus winnings.
Each online casino determines for itself what the range of deposits will be. It is best to read the payment information before making the deposit.
All free spins received must be used within a certain, already specified, period of time.
Free spins can be awarded to you through one of the current promotions of a particular online casino.
What are the best games? Of course, the answer is - the ones that can bring you the most money. But in the end, it all depends on what kind of player you are. If you are a player who likes to enjoy the game and the game is as long as possible and House Edge, the advantage that casinos have over players is small, then games like this are for you. But, if you are a player who likes to participate in "wholesale" games, like a player who chases jackpots, then slots are probably the best choice for you.
Slot games are virtual games that are organized using a random generator. There are two basic divisions of Slot Games: Classic and Video Slots. If certain symbols appear in a certain order (payline), then the player wins a payout that depends on a predetermined paytable as well as a stake per payline.
Slot games differ in several aspects, some of which are: • Is it a classic or video slot game • How many reels and paylines does the game have • Does the game have a jackpot and if it has, what type of jackpot • Minimum amount you can bet after one "turn" or. spin • The level of volatility of the game, how much risk is involved in the game • Is it possible to convert credits into money and vice versa
When we say Other Games, we mean games that cannot be classified as slot games or table games. These are games that contain scratch-scratch cards, keno or bingo numbers. This also includes Sudoku and Spingo games, as well as other games with dice or cards. These games are suitable for players who do not like classic casino games.
Video poker is an online version of the most popular card game - Poker. The goal of this game is for the player to get the best possible hand.
It is a virtual game that is prepared using a random generator. Casino online Roulette is a virtual game in which the ball falls on the numbers in the cylinder with the help of a random number generator.
Casino online Blackjack is a virtual game that is organized using a random generator. The object of this game is to bring the player's "hand" (the sum of the cards dealt with him, without the joker) closer to the number 21 than the croupier's hand or exactly 21. Ideally when it is exactly 21, and in case the player exceeds this number in the sum of the cards - automatically loses the bet. The croupier adheres to the rules, which are usually such that he must draw a card on his sum of 16, and stop at a sum of cards of 17 or more.
Live Dealer or Casino live games are games that are played over the Internet, but with a croupier in the studio and surrounded by cameras. This means that you can watch these games from the comfort of your home, with video streaming, but still have the impression that you are in an authentic casino where you can place live bets, correspond with other players and play your favourite games.
This depends on the casino, but these are mostly Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Roulette and Three Card Poker.
When you multiply the number of paylines by coin size and coins you get the value of the total beta. You can adjust it by increasing or decreasing the number of lines and coin size.
When setting a specific bet, you will see the “coin size” and “coins” option on the keys. The coin size is the value of the loan, and coins is the number of loans invested on one payline.
If it happens to you when getting a certain bonus or free spins to emphasize that wagering is saying 40 times, it means that a certain amount needs to be "twisted" at least 40 times. So it's kind of a turning point.
The scatter symbol is used exclusively in slot games. It is a symbol that brings a bonus game or free spins when it appears a certain number of times, usually three or more.
A Loyalty club is an option used by companies that want to keep their regular customers. If you are part of the Loyalty Club, it means that you will receive certain benefits from your online casino in the form of bonuses and additional prizes for loyal players.
This symbol is also associated exclusively with slot games. Simply put, it is a symbol that changes all the other symbols in the game (except the scatter) and forms winning combinations with them. You can see the value of this symbol in each game if you open the Pays option.
An online casino can be addictive due to its constant availability to users, as well as very easy access with the help of various devices. To avoid gambling addiction, set a limit on the time you spend having fun at an online casino, or a limit on the amount of money you spend over a period of time. If you believe you may be addicted to gambling, talk to friends or family. The best sites and online casinos will offer you advice and support on this topic as well.