Fibonacci – with a combination of cards to the ultimate fun

Before you is a slot version of the story of the famous Leonardo Fibonacci. This man was the most talented mathematician of the Middle Ages, and he was born in Pisa, Italy. You just need to relax and enjoy.

Fibonacci is a video slot presented to us by the game producer BF Games. In this game, cards await you, and your task is to arrange them into a winning combination. In addition, a gambling bonus awaits you with which you can double your winnings.

Fibonacci-online casino bonus-bf games

If you want to know something more about this game, we suggest you read the continuation of the text, which follows the overview of the Fibonacci game. We have divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic characteristics
  • About Fibonacci slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sound effects

Basic characteristics

Fibonacci is an online slot that has three columns that are divided into two sectors. The game is very simple, and two sectors are divided in the middle by one payline. In order to make any winnings, you need to match three symbols on a payline.

The fantastic thing is that you don’t have to match three identical symbols on a payline. A combination of any three symbols on a payline guarantees you a win.

One win is paid out per payline. There is also no physical possibility to achieve multiple winning combinations on a single payline.

Clicking on the Bet button opens a menu in which you can choose the desired stake size per spin.

There is also an Autoplay feature that you can activate whenever you want. An unlimited number of spins are triggered through this option. If you want to stop the Autoplay function, one click on the Spin button is required.

If you like a more dynamic game, you can activate Turbo Spin Mode by clicking on the field with the image of lightning.

You adjust the sound effects in the upper right corner.

About the symbols of the Fibonacci game

All you will see in this game of symbols are the cards. You will see them in three colors: green, blue and orange. The fantastic thing is that you can create a winning combination from any three cards.

Then the payouts are slightly less, but you won’t be disappointed. Three of any cards on a payline will win you five times your stake.

Fibonacci-dobitak-online casino bonus-bf games

Blue cards have the lowest payout value when we talk about the color of these cards. If you match three blue cards on a payline you will win 25 times your stake.

Significantly higher payouts will be provided by a winning combination of three green cards on the payline. Three of these cards in a winning combination bring 50 times the stake.

Fibonacci-zelene karte-online casino bonus-bf games

The most valuable among all game symbols is the orange card symbol. They bring you fantastic payouts. If you match three orange cards on a payline, you will win 100 times your stake. Take the chance and get great winnings.

Bonus games

Since this is a simple game, similar to classic slots, it does not feature a large number of bonus games.

The only bonus game you will enjoy is the gambling bonus. With its help you can double the value of each winning combination. You only need to guess whether the next card drawn from the deck will be black or red.

Fibonacci-bonus kockanja-online casino bonus-bf games

You can gamble a maximum of four times in a row.

The RTP of this game is 94.16%.

Graphics and sound effects

The background of the Fibonacci slot is fascinating. You will see curtains, ornamental vessels and a beautiful sorceress with mysterious symbols floating around her. The unreal light is just above the sorceress’s hand at all times.

In the lower left corner next to the columns you will see an open book in which the payout legend of this game is displayed. The graphics of the game are mesmerizing and all cards are presented in great detail.

Whenever you win a winning combination, a certain light will be shed. Mystical music is present the whole time you’re having fun, and even better sound effects await you when you win.

Want a magical slot adventure? Play the slot Fibonacci!