Fire 88 – a lucky number that brings you great prizes!

Did you know that Chinese culture is full of superstition and that the number 88 represents double happiness? In China, people greet each other with 88 (ba ba), which means “I wish you double luck”. Inspired by this story, Pragmatic Play has designed a new game, Fire 88, from which you can see how 88 is a lucky number!

The game features three columns, symbol 88, Head of the dragon, yellow diamond, colorful firecrackers, Chinese coins of different colors, bonuses and three different jackpots. All these give a player yearn to play over and over again.

fire 88

 Fire 88, Pragmatic Play, Online Casino Bonus
 Fire 88, Pragmatic Play

The fire from the title of the Fire 88 slot refers to a glowing animated background that perfectly complements the atmosphere, with the sound that accompanies it. It has seven paylines and easy to play. The Wild symbol of the game is represented by the head of a dragon, which is one of the most important traditional symbols of happiness and prosperity in China. It pays up to 100 times the stakes.

Other highly-paying symbols are the yellow diamond symbol, which pays 60 times, and the green coin that pays up to 30 times. The Wild replaces all other symbols. When two dragon head symbols appear, a free respin without wild symbols is activated. You can obtain bonus games by combining three 88 symbols.

Three bonus jackpots in Fire 88!

The bonus jackpot is a game so-called “take and win”. It contains three jackpots with a fixed value. By selecting a coin, you discover the jackpot symbol and, if you combine three coins of the same color, you will be rewarded with the appropriate jackpot. The small one being 38 times, the basic one being 88 times and the big jackpot offering payouts of up to 888 times initial stakes!

The RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.46%, which is much higher than similar online video slots.

If you love relaxing casino slots, then grab your device and get rewards in this amazing slot!!

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