Floating Dragon – on the wings of a dragon to the casino bonus!

As part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, every year ultra-fun celebrations are organized under the auspices of the Spring Festival, but there are also other interesting festivities. Music is made, costumes are designed, traditional lanterns and flying dragons are made, in a word – it is celebrated and enjoyed. The celebration of this merry holiday is celebrated even in casinos, through extravagant, glittering games. Another such game came to us from the provider Pragmatic Play, whose name is Floating Dragon, and this is a review, which will help you get to know the game in more detail.

Celebrate the arrival of spring with the top Floating Dragon video slot

The online casino slot Floating Dragon is set on a fairytale background adorned with Chinese cherry trees, romantic shades of pink. Somehow in that style, with a strong oriental influence, unobtrusive music, soothing tones, is gaining ground, which gained momentum when creating gains. The game board is transparent, so in the background, we can see the blue sky with clouds, and you can also clearly see five columns in three rows, on which the basic and special symbols appear.

The first group of symbols includes, as it already goes, the classic card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, lower values, which will appear more often on the columns. These symbols are joined by the symbols of fish, flying dragon, butterfly, pheasant and ship.

Floating Dragon
Floating Dragon slot layout

All of these are basic symbols, which will give you payouts for combinations of 3-5 of them, from left to right in columns. In order for the winnings to be secured, the combinations should also be found on at least one payline of 10, as many as the Floating Dragon video slot has. If more winnings occur on one payment line, only the most valuable one will be paid out, and winnings on several payment lines are enabled.

The bonus function Hold & Spin gives amazing payouts during respins

As for the special group of symbols of the Floating Dragon slot, the first symbol we will present to you is the gold coin symbol, which leads you to the bonus function Hold & Spin. This is an extremely interesting feature, for which Pragmatic Play could be known, as it occurs in most newer slots. What it is?

When you collect three gold coin symbols in the third column of the slot, the bonus function starts. All symbols except the gold coin are removed from the columns and receive a random monetary value 1 to 20 times greater than your stake, which is added to the total winnings from the function. The game starts with three respins, which will be marked with hearts, at the bottom of the slot, so you can keep track of how many respins have passed.


Floating Dragon
Bonus function Hold & Spin

There is a catch in keeping these hearts, ie. respins – each time a new coin symbol appears, the number of respins is reset to three and the monetary value of that coin is added to the total winnings. During the Hold & Spin bonus function, a diamond symbol also appears, which gives even better payouts, as it can carry a value between 100 and 5,000 times larger than your stake.

Floating Dragon
Bonus function

The top thing about this feature is that your winnings of 20 times the stakes are guaranteed because even if you don’t reach this figure, the slot will give you extra respins until you reach it.

Ready for even better bonuses? Play free spins with multipliers

A video slot would not be a video slot if it did not also have a bonus game with free spins. Floating Dragon is no exception in this regard, and will give you 10 free spins and start a bonus game for three scatter symbols. You can even win more free spins, 15 or 20, when you collect four or five scatter symbols. No matter how the game starts, during the free spins, you will be greeted by a special scale, which will collect wildcards.

If you’ve noticed that we haven’t mentioned the Wilds so far, it’s because they only appear as part of the bonus game, when they will build winning combinations with the basic symbols, replacing them. In addition, when the wild appears on the columns, it crosses the scale, and every fourth wild in the scale will reward you with an additional 10 free spins and increase the value of the multiplier of the gold symbol to x2. The next value of the multiplier climbs to x3 and the last to x10.

Floating Dragon
Bonus game with free spins

What we haven’t told you is that fish symbols will become carriers of monetary values, and when one or more wildcards appear on the screen, fish symbols have the ability to appear in random positions on the screen, replacing the basic symbols. This way your winnings will be multiplied and give you even better payouts.

Floating Dragon is an extremely tempting game, with many ways to make money, from the basic game with Hold & Respin function to the bonus game with free spins and multipliers. The opportunity is very much to be earned, the bonuses are getting better, the game is fun … there is no need to wait. Visit your favorite online casino and find this great casino game there.

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