Forgotten Fable – a slot of Russian folk tales!

The manufacturer of casino games Evoplay made an effort to cover the topic, Slavic fairy tales, in the video slot Forgotten Fable, and bring a new story to casino slots. This online casino game based on Russian folk tales features wilds, multipliers, collection symbols, and two types of bonus free spins. Great elements to dive into this slot game.

The setting of the game is on five columns in three rows with 15 paylines, with superb graphics, by which Evoplay is already recognizable. The game has medium volatility, and the theoretical RTP is 96%, which is in line with the average.

Forgotten Fable
Forgotten Fable

The maximum payout in the Forgotten Fable slot is 1,270 times your bet, and exciting features await you. The game contains a rune system, a magic box with multipliers, but also two versions of bonus free spins, Flameland and Darkland.

The Forgotten Fable slot introduces us to some darker characters from Slavic folk tales. There are the immortal Košej, the water spirit of Vodanoj, the deceiver Lešija, the dragon Gorinjič and Baba Jaga, who represent the characters from the legends, and in this slot, they are the symbols that will greet you on the columns.

The Forgotten Fable video slot is inspired by Russian folk tales!

The columns of the slot are placed between two massive stone pillars decorated with the claws and wings of bats and carved with mysterious runic symbols. In keeping with the overall theme, even the card symbols are shaped like dragons and bats.

Forgotten Fable
Multipliers from the magic box

The wild symbol in the slot is presented in the shape of a golden egg and can replace all regular symbols, for better payout potentials. It alone cannot replace the symbols of the skull and the sun, which represent two more wild symbols.

So, there are two more wild symbols in the game, and each of them is a substitute for regular symbols, but they have the role of unlocking a certain type of rune. The Skull symbol will unlock dark runes, while the Sun symbol will unlock flaming runes.

Forgotten Fable
Online Casino Bonus

When these symbols land on the slot columns, the rune will light up in the appropriate column next to the main rows. Dark runes of darkness gather in the left pillar, while runes of flame gather in the right pillar. When you collect seven runes, you open the possibility of entering the bonus round.

Each of these wild symbols corresponds to a specific version of the bonus free spins, but they are also available during the basic game. During the winning spin, if you get the skull symbol and the sun symbol at the same time, the magic chest will open and reveal multipliers, which can be up to six times your stake. Multipliers can significantly increase your winnings.

Win bonus free spins in the Forgotten Fable slot!

We already mentioned that the Forgotten Fable video slot has two types of bonus free spins, and now we will look at how you can activate them. To enter the bonus circle of free spins, you need to unlock 7 dark and 7 flaming runes, and this is possible every time the symbols of the skull and the sun appear at the same time.

In free spins Darkland you will be rewarded with 10 bonus free spins, during which only snake and skull symbols are used. Winning rounds will receive multipliers from the magic chest ranging from x4 to x12.

Forgotten Fable
Forgotten Fable

As for free spins, Flameland players will also be rewarded with 10 bonus free spins, during which there are sun symbols and premium symbols, which appear in double size. During this type of bonus free spins, multipliers do not appear, but winning combinations are formed with symbols that have a higher value.

As you can conclude, the provider Evoplay has brought a story based on the legends of the Slovenian region in a superb way, with a lot of exclusive bonuses.

The game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it in the comfort of your home on a desktop computer, or somewhere in nature using a tablet or mobile phone. Also, the game has a demo version that allows you to try it for free at your chosen online casino.

The Forgotten Fable video slot provides great graphics, a good and easy-to-handle interface, with interesting and exciting bonus games, which in addition to fun can bring you great earnings.



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