Ganesha Gold – casino slot with bonuses!

The Ganesha Gold video slot comes from casino game maker PG Soft and celebrates the Hindu god Ganesha on five reels and 243 winning combinations. This online casino game has bonus free spins with multipliers up to x20. A fun slot with a religious theme, which combines ancient theology with today’s innovations in a playful graphics slot.

Ganesha Gold
Ganesha Gold

Designed by PG Soft developers, this slot boasts 243 winning combinations over a simple five-reel format. Bonus features include wildcards and a bonus game of free spins with multipliers.

The theme of the slot is one of the most recognizable and most esteemed gods of the Hindu religion, Ganesha who has the head of an elephant and is the god of wisdom, art, science and beginnings. The son of Shiva, the Supreme Being, and Ganesha is one of the most important deities in Hinduism. In this game, Ganesha is the guardian of great treasure and gold.

The Ganesha Gold video slot comes from PG Soft provider with exclusive bonuses!

The reels of the slot are placed in a state temple, with peaceful and serene scenes. The slot is dominated by a gorgeous pink color, and is complemented by gold accents and symbols. Ganesha sits at the top of the reel and watches your every spin.

The game has a solid RTP of 96.08, which is in line with the industry average. This is a slot that has medium variance, and this is the perfect balance between the elements of low risk games with small deviation and the high risk nature of games with high instability.

To play the Ganesha Gold slot, you need to find the bet button at the bottom of the reel, to the right of the central purple button that indicates Start. Then choose the size of the bet and the level of the bet, and they will multiply each other.

The look of the game
The look of the game

The game has an Autoplay button that you can use to play automatically a certain number of times. You can press the menu button at any time, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen to view the table and the rules of the game.

The symbols you will see on the reels of the Ganesha Gold slot are the symbols of cards, spices, flowers and a female character. Winnings are multiplied by the amount of your line bet, which is the size of the bet multiplied by the bet level.

Wild symbols are represented by red and gold symbols that contain the word Wild and replace all other symbols except scatter symbols. Wild symbols appear on reels two, three and four.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Ganesha Gold slot has a bonus round of free spins, which are activated with the help of scatter symbols as follows:

  • Three scatter symbols are rewarded with 12 free spins
  • Four scatter symbols are rewarded with 15 bonus free spins
  • Five scatter symbols are rewarded with 20 bonus free spins

During the free spins feature, players will collect wild symbols to multiply winnings.

Ganesha Gold, Online Casino Bonus
Ganesha Gold, Online Casino Bonus

Ganesha Gold Slot is an interesting casino game with free bonus spins that can bring great casino winnings. The spiritual theme has a universal appeal, while the pink and gold graphics in the cartoon style will attract those who are young and experienced players at heart. A special charm is given by the bonus of free spins because they can achieve multiplier values ​​up to x20.

You can enjoy this online casino game on all platforms, such as desktop, tablet or mobile phone. If you like deity-themed slots, we recommend that you read our article – Gods of Gambling – do you pray while playing casino games?