Gem Miner brings great diamond fun!

There are a lot of games on the market, but the new game from game maker Expanse will offer something more interesting and will raise the fun to a much higher level. The Gem Miner game brings a lot of fun and provides its players with, in addition to having a good time, make good money. An ideal match.

Although at first glance it looks like a classic three-reel slot, Gem Miner still differs from similar types of games in its characteristics. The player very quickly, after the first spin, realizes that this is no ordinary slot game. The game has elements of listed slots but differs in many ways from typical slot games.

Diamonds have always attracted attention, but they now bring profit as well.

Gem Miner, Online Casino Bonus
Gem Miner

The game has simple rules configured in three columns and three rows, and the symbols that bring winnings are colored diamonds, each with different values.

From white, through yellow, all the way to the most valuable – blue diamonds, you can get your winnings multiplied by up to 1000!

Note that every three of the same horizontal symbols will offer you a win.

Win up to 3,000 times more with Gem Miner!
Not only are three of the same symbols scored in one column, but also a bonus is brought by the same symbols in two and three columns, which are added together. Thus, the maximum win is brought by three blue diamonds in all three columns, which potentially multiplies the stake as much as 3,000 times!

Gem Miner offers simplicity, which is a very important feature for many players. What makes this game exceptional is the design and featured sound effects, which create a special ambiance and gives the players the impression that they are in a real cave and experience the game on a completely different level.

Gem Miner brings you diamonds in an exclusive way.

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