Gem Miner’s game brought Lazarus a diamond win!

Interesting games from the casino game manufacturer Expanse Studios are gaining more and more popularity in the world of online casinos. The games that the players enjoy are fruitful with great bonuses that give birth to lucky winners every day. This week’s winning story is based on the success of Lazar Š. to whom the game Gem Miner by the provider Expanse Studios brought 870,500 dinars!

Gem Miner’s great game secured the winnings for his diamonds

The online casino game Gem Miner is a very unusual game, which we characterize as a slot due to the lack of paylines. How then are profits calculated? The game has three reels in three rows and six diamond symbols, and the goal of the game is to stack three identical diamonds horizontally. All diamonds have different values, and the most valuable are green, pink and blue diamonds. What’s great is that gains in different ranks are possible and that’s exactly what leads to the best winnings!

Game Gem Miner, online casino bonus
Game Gem Miner

Lazar started his adventure of playing Gem Miner with stakes of 350 dinars per spin. In that way, he could expect solid payments in one complex order and two, as much as he received after some time. Having collected six blue diamonds in two rows, Lazar received 700,000 dinars on a stake of 350 dinars! He continued with investments of 350 dinars each, but that was not enough for him, because he was chasing a better profit. So he decided to increase the stake to 500 dinars, but he was not very lucky, so he spent about 30,000 dinars.

Now he couldn’t give up, he felt that a great gain was around the corner. And it felt good! Six pink diamonds filled two rows and the game of Gem Miner brought Lazar another 200,000 dinars. With previous bets, the final win was 870,500 dinars! Short and clear – in just one afternoon, he managed to increase his balance by an incredible 850,000 dinars from about 20,000 dinars, which is how much he started this adventure!

If you’re tired of just reading about gains, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. You can start your adventure with the irresistible game Gem Miner and maybe your name will be found in the next story about the big win. You never know!

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