Gemburst – enjoy the bonus explosion in the casino game!

Step into a mystical cave full of prizes with a video slot Gemburst from the renowned casino game manufacturer Playtech! Great graphics and explosive action await you in this casino game! You will enjoy bonus games with multipliers, cascading reels and a mysterious bonus, which we will discuss in more detail in this review of casino games.


The Gemburst video slot has five reels and 243 winning combinations. Significantly, this casino game comes with cascading reels, which can bring consecutive multiplier winnings and a bonus game of free spins.

This online casino game has space, futuristic theme with great animations and is located deep underground in a huge cave. You will see a lighted core and glowing crystals breaking through the walls of the tunnel. The reels are transparent and the beautifully designed symbols seem to float on them. In a winning combination, electricity-like lines are created around the symbol.

Gemburst – a casino game with bonuses and multipliers!

The symbols are divided into two groups, the first group consists of the symbols of cards A, J, K and Q, slightly lower values. They are accompanied by symbols of greater paying power represented by four Stone balls, enriched with precious metals such as Diamond, Amethyst, Gold and Ruby.

Online Casino Bonus

The Wild symbol is a colourful Stone and has the power to change other symbols than Scatter symbols.

A special curiosity, which brings a great winning combination in this casino game is the function of cascading reels. What happens in the function of cascading reels is that with each winning combination, the symbols explode and new ones come in their place. The explosion of symbols is perfectly done with electricity and fire.

Each time the cascade is started, the level of the multiplier which is located on the side of the reel increases. The multipliers start at 1 and with each new winning combination and symbol explosion, it increases to a maximum of 5 times!

Dynamite to bonus free spins in the video slot!

What everyone is interested in is how the free spin bonus game is activated. A dynamite-shaped Scatter symbol will help. Each Scatter symbol can be converted into up to three bombs, each of which assigns two free spins. So, you have the opportunity to win between 6 and 30 bonus free spins.


Next, players must place a bomb on one of the squares below the reels and it is possible to move up to three bombs per reel. When the mysterious stone symbols land on the reel with the bomb below, they will explode, revealing the payoff. This is multiplied by the number of bombs you planted. Mysterious symbols do not trigger cascading reels.

Assessing where it is best to place your bombs is a fun cube. Mysterious symbols on the first three reels are worth less than on reels four and five. In theory, it is more profitable to place bombs on reels four and five but you can also place them on the first three reels to play safer. The choice is yours.

This is a medium variance video slot, with a maximum payout of 2,500 times more than the stakes. You can win more than that with the help of mysterious symbols in the bonus game.

The Gemburst video slot can be played on all devices, both on the desktop, on the tablet and mobile phone.

Fantastic looks, great bonus games and great animations make this online casino game very tempting.

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