Gladiator – feel the strength of the fighters of ancient Rome!

Step into an arena of battle of strength, skill and wits with the Gladiator slot from provider BetSoft. In this game, only the strong and brave win the wealth and adoration of the people. Valuable bonus rounds, cash prizes and wilds await you in the slot.

In the following text, learn all about:

  • Game themes and features
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

The Gladiator slot has a layout of five columns in three rows of symbols and 30 paylines.

The anticipation in this game builds as you enter the arena to face the ultimate test of strength. Check out how it feels as you prepare for battle, just like the Gladiators of ancient Rome.


If you think you have what it takes, it’s time to test your skills in the online casino game Galdiator.

This game combines detailed 3D graphics, Roman symbolism and a dramatic pulsating soundtrack. When you win you will see short animations and applause from your audience.

Slot Gladiator has a setup of 30 paylines and as usual, you decide how many you want to activate. Also, you can select the Max Bet option and play at the maximum stake.

Slot Gladiator takes you to ancient Rome!

The auto-spin button will spin between 5 and 100 times, allowing you to sit back and relax.

The first button you need is Bet +/- because it is used to adjust the height of the stakes. Once you have placed your desired bet, press the Spin button in the shape of an inverted arrow to start the slot columns.

You can change the bet value by clicking on the Change Bet field. Then the Bet and Bet Level options are opened, with which you can regulate the stake value. You can set the number of paylines in the Number of Lines field.

Winning combinations, except those with special symbols, are counted from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

You can make one win per payline. If you have several winning combinations on one payline, the highest value combination will be paid to you. The sum of winnings is possible if you connect them to several paylines at the same time.

Get to know the symbols in the game!

Now let’s take a look at what symbols will greet you from the columns of the Gladiator slot. All symbols correspond to the theme of the game and are divided into two groups, as lower paying symbols and higher paying symbols.

The lower value symbols are a flag, a gold cup with coins and two different shields. The higher value symbols are a tiger, a bag of gold coins, a horse and two gladiators. The scatter symbol is displayed by the arena.

There are two wild symbols in the Gladiator slot, the princess symbol and the gladiator symbol. If you place a princess symbol on top of any column, she will gracefully scatter flower petals below her.


The petal then makes the princess and all symbols below it wild symbols. It not only completes any payline they are a part of, but also doubles the winnings on that payline.

Win valuable bonuses!

The gladiator wild is also animated and starts when you get the gladiator symbol in the center column. The entire column then turns to marble and the gladiator smashes it to reveal an entire column of wilds.

Slot Gladiator features a “click me” bonus round that is activated by 3 door symbols. To claim the current prize, you just need to keep clicking on any of the doors until one shows “collect” below the prize amount.

In addition, the slot also features a “Gladiator Battle” bonus game that is triggered when you get two different gladiator symbols and a colosseum.

Those symbols are the hero and the villain. When this happens, you can choose either a hero or a villain gladiator to fight.

The game is available on all devices, and you can also try it for free in a demo version at your chosen online casino.

Play Gladiator slot at your chosen online casino and make a profit.


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