Hi Lo – guess what! An irresistible game for adrenaline lovers!

Hi Lo is a simple and interesting game that will enchant all players while bringing them lots of fun.

Every casino player has at least once tried to double his winnings by gambling red/black on blackjack or with other bets. However, there is a special category of players who use their winnings to play the popular “dice”. Hi Lo is a perfect game for such players as it has simple rules.

hi lo

Hi Lo, Table Game

The player gets a card and bets on whether the next card drawn will be bigger or smaller than the previous one, whether it will be red, black, different from the previous card, or a joker. The chance of getting it right next to black or red card is 50/50, so only two choices are guiding the players’ decisions. One of the cards brings the 3rd odd, and one of the two jokers from the deck brings an incredible 24th odd.

 Hi Lo – from “safe” to 12th odd

The most interesting part of gambling is guessing Hi Lo. The player gets to measure the possible winning percentage that the next card will bigger or smaller while guessing the odds range from a “safe” 1.20 to the 12th odd which is way higher. It is like hitting an ace if you play for a higher card than a king. The Clear statistics functionality helps players who like chasing to break an unprofitable series without a certain color, trick, or joker.”

The inconspicuous background sound effects will not disturb your concentration, and if you like to play without these sound effects, it is possible to turn them off.

Hi Lo is a lot of fun and presents a game woven from the most interesting elements that make this game irresistible and unique. You may not have to try everything in life, but you have to try this game because it is an ideal source of the best fun and potential winnings!

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