How to become a casino blackjack dealer?

Many people who visit casinos have often wondered how to become a casino blackjack dealer. The role of a dealer or croupier is a prestigious and important duty, which is an integral part of a casino organization. Everything that happens at the gaming table is the responsibility of the dealer, who has previously undergone training or a course for this type of business. The qualities of a good croupier are speed, concentration, include knowledge of mathematics, foreign languages but above all, good communication skills and interpersonal skills.

The job of a blackjack dealer is a perfect transition for those who already know something about gambling and if you enjoy a good game of blackjack from time to time, the question easily arises – how to become a casino blackjack dealer. You can make great use of this experience and get paid for something you love and this is possible in onshore casinos but also online casinos, as more and more live dealer games are present at live casinos. Live dealer games at online casinos have live dealers, find out more in our Live Dealer tutorial – the emergence, development and types of live casino games.

How to Become a Casino Blackjack Dealer
How to Become a Casino Blackjack Dealer

But we have not yet learned how to become a casino blackjack dealer. Knowledge of the game and its rules and strategies, there is a whole range of skills and qualifications that are required for a perfect dealer. Some of them can be learned, while others are “softer”, non-technical skills are always something that is constantly being worked on and improved.

In this article, learn how to become a casino blackjack dealer and get the job you want!

There is training for croupiers and it is very demanding, it takes a few weeks to master everything. The characteristic of a good croupier is speed, concentration and most importantly, work with chips. Casino games and rules are easier to learn but working with chips and the game procedure is something that must be constantly practised and requires effort and energy.

You can attend private courses for dealers offered in some schools, where you learn not only technical skills and knowledge of blackjack but also the way of behaving towards casino visitors.

Regardless of technical skills and expertise in the subject, most employers expect candidates for croupier jobs to have a good knowledge of foreign languages ​​and mathematics. It will also help you to have experience in working with money.

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If you are accepted into the position of casino blackjack dealer, you will probably be included in a professional training scheme and receive guidance on how to behave and act in certain situations of this specific casino business.

So, after a course or knowledge of blackjack that you have acquired in any way, it is the turn of the so-called “soft” skills. Soft skills are those non-technical skills that define the way of working. These are often interpersonal skills, problem-solving and organizational skills. They are harder to work on than technical skills but mastering these soft skills will guarantee you success not only in your business career but in all aspects of life.

When asked how to become a casino blackjack dealer, one of the first answers when it comes to soft skills is communication. The best dealers have a strong level of communication because casinos are places where players’ emotions are intensified and when lights, often alcohol are added to that, communicating clearly, directly and with authority is a golden trait for a dealer’s business.

An important item when wondering how to become a casino blackjack dealer is to have the power of analytical thinking!

The next thing is interpersonal skills because even though dealing with blackjack is about control and responsibility, you are a dealer, not a robot. It is important that every guest who plays at your table feels welcome and comfortable. They play to win but they are also there to have a little fun.

Keep in mind that the players who come to your table spend money, you will need an open and compassionate approach in listening to complaints and resolving certain situations. Remember that empathy is key here.

An important item when wondering how to become a casino blackjack dealer is to have the power of analytical thinking. Blackjack is a game of numbers and chances. You have to be great at math to follow the game. There will always be people prone to fraud, so part of your analytical thinking will be discovering potential threats to the integrity of the game.

How to Become a Casino Blackjack Dealer

As for the convenience of this job, there are several other great reasons why playing blackjack could be your job. Money is the first reason because you are surrounded by it all the time and part of that money ends up with you in the form of tips, of course, the salary for your work. The salaries of casino dealers, croupiers are quite good, whether you work in a land casino or an online casino and these jobs are best paid on ships – cruisers.

The answer to the question of how to become a casino blackjack dealer is learning a series of skills!

Flexibility is another benefit. Casinos are often companies that work 24 hours a day, dealers must be constantly present at the table. That means they get a lot of flexibility working hours. Simply, if you have some private obligations during the day, you do not have to use your free day to finish it already, you can simply work the evening or night shift and use the free day to enjoy.

The gambling industry is large and is changing, thus opening up opportunities for advancement in this business. If you start as a blackjack dealer, you can eventually progress to a boxing boss, inspector or casino manager. These jobs are closely related to the job of a dealer, but in the gambling industry, there are many other jobs and countless opportunities to advance or move to another position.

When we look at all the responsibilities and skills that make up the esteemed profession of a dealer or croupier, we realize that it is a very respectable and elegant job. It takes some technical knowledge, a handful of interconnected and vague skills and a love of the game.


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