Jumping Fruits – a slot of lively fruits

The online casino game Jumping Fruits comes from the Wazdan provider with fruits in the lead role. High-quality graphics, fun animations and a classic fruit game with a bonus gambling game are the features that will delight you in this casino game.

In the Jumping Fruits slot, the symbols have come to life and are no longer sitting on the columns, but bouncing, which will make you very happy. When each of these symbols starts to shine, the results will be interesting.

This online casino game presents a new look at classic fruit machines, with three columns in three rows and 27 paylines.

jumping fruits

Designed using some of Wazdan’s latest software, these fruits pack quality graphics and special surprises, an experience you won’t want to miss.

There are no quiet moments here, the slot greets you with optimistic music that lasts as long as you play. When it comes to slot columns, they are full of life, even when you are not playing.

The developers gave themselves freedom by adding a whole series of imagination to the columns. What this game offers is presented in a new and innovative way, maybe even in a unique way.

Slot Jumping Fruits comes from Wazdan!

There are 27 paylines running through the columns with a betting option that allows a total bet between 0.01 and 10 coins. In any case, you can be sure that you will receive prizes whenever the three appropriate symbols appear on the columns.

At the bottom of the slot is a control panel that is characteristic of Wazdan provider slots and is very easy to operate.

You adjust your bets using the +/- button, and when you are ready to play, press the Start button.

If you want to speed up the game, use the ultra-fast mode shown by a galloping horse, the rabbit is a symbol for fast mode, while the turtle is a symbol for normal mode.

jump 2 2

You can use the autoplay mode by pressing the Autoplay button to the right of the Start button. It is also recommended to look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game and the values ​​of each symbol separately.

As in other Wazdan games, you can choose between three levels of volatility: low, standard or high. The game has good graphics and amazing animations, which will appeal to all types of online casino players.

The online casino slot Jumping Fruits has 13 unique symbols in 3D format, of which 12 are fruit symbols and the symbol of the sheriff’s star, whose job it is to maintain control over the fruit rebellion.

Double your winnings in the gamble bonus feature!

Each symbol in the slot has its own personality and they are all very different. Fun animations bring fruits to life and enable personalities to really develop.

Symbols of strawberries, watermelons, glamorous Chinese pears and cheeky plums are just some of the spicy fruits that players will find on the columns.

Symbols can also be seen in two spreadsheet views, one accessed via the menu and one above the main screen.

Pushing a column plays a big role in the Jumping Fruits slot and happens very often. Every few spins, randomly, the columns move up or down to reveal better winning combinations. Apart from this, there are no other special features in the slot.

jump 3 3

The only bonus game that will keep you entertained while spinning Jumping Fruits is the mini gambling bonus feature.

You enter the gambling bonus game after any winning combination by pressing the x2 key that appears on the control panel.

When you enter the gambling bonus game, you will be shown two large leaves under which fruits or worms are hiding.

Your task is to find out what is hidden under the sheet. If you find fruit, your winnings will be doubled and you can continue to gamble or enter it. If you find worms on the other side, you lose the stake.

The mini bonus game of gambling is very exciting and this way you can make good profit if you are lucky.

Play the Jumping Fruits slot at your chosen online casino and make good profit.


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