The Kingdom of the Sun brings you ancient Egypt in the palm of your hand!

Ancient Egypt was a famous civilization in Northeast Africa, which reached its peak when they ruled the Middle East. The Nile was a symbol of life to the ancient Egyptians, who depended on its water. The Egyptians discovered new construction techniques, which led to the construction of pyramids and temples. Additionally, they discovered great mathematical systems, new medical techniques and agricultural production techniques. Ancient Egypt was known as the “Kingdom of the Sun” and in the new video slot called Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age, designed by the game maker “Playson”, your luck will coincide with the great feats achieved by the ancient Egyptians.

kingdom of the sun

Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age, Online Casino Bonus
Online Casino Bonus

Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age is a video slot with five reels and fifteen paylines, with numerous bonus features that help you achieve great winnings.

The bonus symbol appears on the first reel and activates the bonus function. During this function, this symbol remains in its position. All symbols in association with the bonus will be converted into bonus symbols. This function will last as long as the transformation is available. After that, the bonus symbol will turn into a wild symbol before the winnings pay off.

With the Kingdom of the Sun, you can win up to 500 times more!

kingdom of the sun

kingdom of the sun, online casino bonus

There is another great feature in this slot, the Sun Compass, which you can activate when a glowing symbol lands on the reels. The arrow on this symbol will rotate randomly when the reels stop. Lower-paying symbols that are in that direction will turn into glowing symbols and result in a massive payout! If you cover entire reels with one symbol or wild symbol, you can win up to 500 times your bet!

The lowest-paying symbols are classic card symbols, medium-paying symbols are the hound, the snake and the golden bird. At the top you will find Cleopatra and the pharaoh. The wild symbol has the “wild” logo and it is the highest-paying symbol that replaces all other symbols. Big gold pillars appear next to the reels, and gold coins are scattered on the bottom. The reels are filled with a great graphic background and vivid colors that spark enthusiasm for this video slot.

Kingdom of the sun: Golden age takes you back to the glorious days of ancient Egypt and offers you great redeemable bonuses. The RTP (return to player percentage) of this video slot is 95.29%. Enjoy your free time playing “Kingdom of the Sun”! Travel to the Nile Valley and come up with great winnings!

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