Lady Godiva online casino slot gives bonuses!

Lady Godiva online casino slot was inspired by the Anglo-Saxon noblewoman of the same name, the wife of Earl Mercia. According to this story, Godiva had an agreement with her husband to reduce taxes if she walks naked through the city of Coventry. However, not all the inhabitants of this city obeyed the order and they went blind before the sight of the naked Godiva on horseback. An epic story about a famous noblewoman is waiting for you who comes to us with a bonus game with four playing options. Each of the four options contains a multiplier, so the gains are highly unavoidable.

Meet the epic Lady Godiva video slot

The Lady Godiva slot board is located on the streets of Coventry, lit by magic lamps and a full moon rises above the reels, accompanied by stars. The reels are bordered with a gold frame and below them is a control panel. The slot is of standard configuration, with five reels in three rows and 20 fixed paylines.

Lady Godiva Slot layout
Lady Godiva Slot layout

The symbols, which you will have the opportunity to see in the reels are divided into basic and special. The basic symbols are the classic card symbols J, Q, K and A, followed by the symbols of the Horse, the Prince, the Earl of Mercia and Lady Godiva herself. All symbols appear as complex symbols and it happens that they appear in groups of three symbols, occupying an entire reel. In this way, the possibilities of matching symbol combinations are greater.

The rules for stacking symbols are the same as in most other slots. Symbol combinations should be arranged from left to right in reels, starting from the first reel on the left. The combination must be on one of 20 paylines to be successful. If you have multiple winnings per payline, you will be paid the highest value combination. Simultaneous winnings on multiple paylines are possible.

Lady Godiva
Compound horse symbols

The only symbol that is not subject to the reel sort rule is the Scatter symbol. This is also the only symbol that cannot replace the Wild. Presented with the slot logo, in all the reels of the Lady Godiva slot, you will have the opportunity to see the Wild. This is a symbol that offers payouts for combinations of your symbols but also combinations with other symbols.

Choose one of four bonus game options

Let us get back to the Scatter. Collect three Scatter symbols anywhere on the game board, regardless of paylines and start the bonus game. Next, you will find a screen with four bonus gameplay options:

  • 5 free spins with 6 times multiplier,
  • 10 free spins with 3 times multiplier,
  • 15 free spins with 2 times multiplier,
  • 30 free spins with a 1-time multiplier.

Whichever option you choose, you will start a bonus game with the possibility of winning additional free spins. You need to collect at least three Scatter symbols and you will again be able to choose between four play options.

Lady Godiva
Three scatter symbols in the bonus game

Auxiliary game options, such as the Autoplay button will be available in the control panel. Here you can track your winnings and balance but also turn music on or off. We think that simple and elegant music will not bother you much during spinning but the choice is up to you. Sail into the legend of Lady Godiva with the Lady Godiva video slot, which offers four ways to play the bonus game. There are up to 30 free spins with multipliers going up to 6 times and there is also the possibility of winning additional free spins!

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