Lucky Betting Shop – a ticket to a million win

Have you ever played a ticket at an online casino? No, we were not wrong with the question, even though you may have thought so. The producers of Online Casino Games are once again showing their creativity. Game maker Expanse Studios brings us a new online casino game Lucky Betting Shop that you can play through Online Casinos. Everyone will be delighted with this game. Lucky Betting Shop transfers the atmosphere from your favourite bookmaker to the online casino.

Have you ever made a million win at an online casino? With the help of a ticket? Uroš from New Belgrade did. Although Lucky Betting Shop is a new game in the Online Casino offer, it has attracted so much attention that we already have the first million winner. Uroš went to the magic figure of 1,065,800 RSD! Read below how Uroš’s path to the first million wins went.

Lucky Betting Shop - Wild.
Lucky Betting Shop – Wilds

We met Uroš at one of the payment points of a nearby betting shop in New Belgrade and asked him a few questions.

Lucky Betting Shop and first million win

Hi, Uroš. Tell us what it feels like to be a millionaire in Serbia? (laughter)

Ha-ha. The feeling is great. The best things happen when you least expect them. It has always been like that according to some unwritten rule. I stopped by for a drink at a nearby betting shop and became a millionaire. Who would expect something like that? But in fact, it is only later that you become aware of how much happiness looked at you at that moment.

How long have you been playing casino games?

I have been playing the casino for sure for the last five or six years. Sometimes more, sometimes less… In the last three years, I have created my account and I play online casino more and more often. I sometimes play machines in the bookmaker but I play online casino games much more often.

Uroš liked the game because it transfers the atmosphere from the bookmaker to the Online Casino

Why did you choose Lucky Betting Shop? The game is relatively new…

I noticed it was new. The atmosphere is like in my favourite bookmaker. Even the operator wears a red uniform. In the game, everything is the same as in the betting shop, pensioners who follow the tickets, groups of people who cheer. It just all came together and it was some sign that drew me to play.

How do you get a million-dollar touch at an online casino?

Honestly, I do not even know myself. I was so euphoric that I would not know how to describe it again. I know I played a decent big role and that I got some fives in the beginning. This allowed me to step up the stakes. The magic happened when I got a great 50 times multipliers twice. One time five operators joined another time five pensioners. At that time, the balance on my account was close to RSD 900,000.

Lucky Betting Shop
Multipliers appear in the sixth column

But that is not all, you kept playing?

Ah, well, all the players like to round up, so I went for either a million or 800,000 RSD. In the end, I played a ticket and made another win with a multiplier of 20 times, which led me to this figure. I did not even want to round up the number anymore. When I saw that the balance on my user account was over a million, that was it. I immediately booked the payment from the account.

Lucky Betting Shop
Play a ticket at an online casino

How to spend a million?

I have not thought about it yet but I will come up with a good way. But there will be good gifts for the kids this year for sure. The children are already talking about how they want a bike, so as the weather gets better, I think they will get a good bike and for the rest, I will come up with a smart investment.

When players explain the path to winning to you in such a nice way, a million win does not seem impossible. Maybe a story like this is waiting for you soon.

Online Casino fulfilled one wish of Uroš and made him a millionaire. Try one of the games from online casinos and maybe luck will serve you.

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