Lucky Dice 2 – irresistible classic slot

Dice have always found their place among a large number of casino games, and there are people who only play dice games. Most of the games in which dice are used can be classified as table games, but this time we will present you a slot inspired by dice! Virtually all the symbols are dice and the name of this slot is Lucky Dice 2.

You have already had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Lucky Dice 1 slot which is also represented by the game manufacturer Endorphina and now we present a slightly newer version of this game. Fans of classic slots will enjoy this game, and you will find out what awaits you if you read the overview of the Lucky Dice 2 slot that follows below.

Lucky Dice 2 is a classic slot that has five columns placed in three rows and five fixed paylines. To make any winnings you need to connect three or more identical symbols on the payline. All winning combinations are counted exclusively from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

Only one win can be made on one payline, and even if you have more than one payline on one payline, you will be paid the combination of the highest value. The sum of winnings is certainly possible but only when they are made on several different payment lines at the same time.

You can change your roles in two ways: by clicking the Coin Value button and by clicking the Bet button. By clicking on the Coin Value button, you change the value of bets per invested coin and thus the total value of bets. You can activate the Autoplay function by clicking the Auto button after which an unlimited number of spins are started. You can also deactivate this function in the same way. If you want a slightly more dynamic game, activate Turbo Spin Mode by clicking the Turbo button.

Lucky Dice 2 slot symbols

It’s time to introduce you in detail all about the symbols of the Lucky Dice 2 slot. This is one of the slots where you won’t come across a large number of special symbols and is therefore much closer to classic slots. Actually the only special symbol is a scatter but about it a bit later.

The symbols of the lowest payout value are the dice in yellow, blue, red and green with the numbers one, two, three and four on them. Five identical dice on the payline will bring you 40 times the value of your bet. Dice marked five and six, in addition to their color, are also distinguished by their payout power. These dice are marked in purple and orange and the combination of five identical dice on the payline brings you 100 times more than the stakes.

Lucky Dice 2
Lucky Dice 2

Win 1000 times more

The symbol of the greatest paying power is a red cube with Chinese letters on it. This dice gives incredible payouts with four of the same symbols in the winning combination. These four dice in the winning combination provide you with a great payout, 200 times more than the stakes! Wondering what the payout is for the five maximum symbols on the payline? It’s time to reveal that secret to you, if you combine five identical symbols in the winning combination, you will win 1000 times more than the value of your bet!

The scatter symbol is represented by a red cube with a yellow scatter inscription on it. Scatter unfortunately does not bring free spins, but it is the only symbol that brings payouts wherever it is on the columns, even outside the paylines. Five scatter symbols anywhere on the columns bring you 50 times more than the stakes.

Lucky Dice 2

Gambling bonus

With the help of gambling bonuses, you can double your winnings. There will be five cards in front of you, one of which is face up and all you have to do is draw a bigger card from it. You can gamble 10 times in a row.

Lucky Dice 2
Gambling Bonus

The slots columns are Lucky Dice 2 are placed on a fiery red background and whenever you make a profit the fire behind the columns will light up. Great sound effects await you when you win, and the slot graphics are very good.

Lucky Dice 2 – dice that bring 1000 times more!



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