Marylin Monroe – a slot that takes fun to the next level!

The online casino game provider Playtech has prepared for you an online casino game inspired by one of the most beautiful women in the world, it is Merlin Monroe! This interesting game comes with bonus games, various interesting features, multipliers and jackpots! So, in addition to having fun and falling in love with this world-famous beauty again, you will also have the opportunity to make a nice living. Let’s start with the review of the Marylin Monroe video slot!

Marylin Monroe – get acquainted with the game

The Merylin Monroe video slot is a standard video slot because it comes with five reels in three rows and has great features and bonus games. The number of paylines is thirty and these are active lines because everyone participates in the game, ie. stakes are allocated to all paylines. The background of the slot is purple and is shaded by a board with reels, which is framed in gold and shines.

Marylin Monroe
Slot symbols

On the reels are symbols of cards, a rose, a microphone, a diamond and Merlin Monroe herself. Gem Splash is a symbol that also appears on the reels. This is a purple symbol that appears on all reels and Gem Drop awards prizes when covered by the Gem Drop symbol.

Gem Drop and Gem Splash bring up to 100 times the stakes!

And what is the Gem Drop symbol? It is a symbol that can occur over any symbol or above the reels at any spin. In addition, with each spin, they go down one place. This is a symbol that you will recognize as a blue-purple symbol. Each Gem Drop symbol has its own value that you can win when you drop it via the Gem Splash symbol. And the rewards of this symbol can increase your stake from 1 to 100 times!

Marylin Monroe
Gem Splash i Gem Drop symbols

Win prizes in the bonus game as well with much bigger symbols!

The scatter symbol is represented by the lips and this is the symbol that opens the Free Spins bonus game. Collect three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and get six free spins!

Marylin Monroe
Gem Splash symbols

Any Gem Drop symbol that appears on the reels when the game starts will be removed for the duration of the bonus game. However, new Gem Drop symbols can appear during the game as larger symbols, taking up more than one field. And that: 2 × 2, 3 × 3, 4 × 4 fields!

Marylin Monroe
Huge Gem Drop

You can win the values ​​displayed by the Gem Drop symbol when the Gem Splash symbol lands below it. The rewards of this symbol increase their value each time they go down one line. And the rewards are great and range from x2 to x100 values ​​of your stake. This means you can increase your bet up to 100 times in just one spin!

Also, if three or more scatter symbols land during the bonus game, you will get six more free spins!

And that’s not the end of good functions. Marylin Monroe also owns jackpots! And progressive jackpots, which means that their value grows with each stake. So, the more you play, the more you invest, but you also have a better chance of winning one of the jackpots. And the jackpots are Minor, Major and Grand and you can see their values ​​above the rials.

All in all, if you decide to indulge in Marylin Monroe’s game, you know what awaits you. Bonus game, multipliers, great features and even better jackpots! Indulge in this great achievement and the fun will not be missed.

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