Mysteries of the East – explore slot bonuses!

The exciting and unusual online casino game Mysteries of the East comes from the provider Evoplay and introduces you to the world of a wonderful forest filled with mysteries that bring you joy as you discover them. This fun, online casino game has a unique Roll and Move gameplay concept, which will make your attention peak. Your task in this slot is to help Keiko as he moves through the forest, throwing dice, and get spectacular prizes.

Mysteries of the East
Mysteries of the East

Start with the charming Keiko in search of wealth with a slot that has no classic columns, rows or lines, but there is a green dice, which when you throw you help Keiko to move through the forest. This magical forest is filled with multipliers of great value, but also with mysterious prizes, which we will discover during this review of the casino game.

Online casino game Mysteries of the East takes you on an exciting journey!

The background of the game is magical and the beauty of the scene simply takes your breath away. Keiko moves through the most beautiful forest filled with colorful flowers, green grass, trees, but also a multitude of waterfalls, fountains, and streams. You will also see traditional gates that have an additional bonus function.

While playing, you will see wooden bridges over streams, amazing waterfalls, and traditional temples that hide hidden objects and artifacts. There are also hot peppers, which have a special purpose, but there are also some holes on the way, so be careful that Keiko doesn’t fall into it because then there is no gain.

Mysteries of the East
Choose one of three chests in the bonus game

As with most other slots, the control panel is at the bottom of the game, where you will place bets on the Bet +/- button and start the game on the Start button, in the middle of the board. To the right of the Start button is an autoplay option, where you can set up to 100 auto-spins. For details on game rules and settings, check out the options on the left side of the slot.

Now all you need to do in the game Mysteries of the East is to roll the dice and start exploring the forest. The game has Speed ​​Booster and Bonus game as the main features that can bring you profit.

Multipliers and bonus play bring prizes in the Mysteries of the East slot!

Let’s see how you can activate Speed ​​Booster. It’s very interesting. Namely, when the main character stands on a square marked with a fox symbol, this function is activated. When that happens, the points the player wins on the next roll of the dice will be doubled.

The next attractive feature is the Bonus game, which is activated when Keiko reaches the gate. Then a mini-game will be launched and three treasure chests will be presented to you. Each of these boxes hides a certain multiplier, and you choose one of the offered ones.

Mysteries of the East
Online Casino Bonus

When you click on the selected box, it opens and reveals the multiplier. This way you can also win a multiplier that is 20 times bigger than your stake. During the game, you will see a total of 4 gates, and the further you go the higher the rewards.

The first gate hides the multipliers x1, x2, x3 or x5, while the second gate has the multipliers x1, x2, x3 or x10. Multipliers x1, x2, x3 or x15 are waiting for you in the third gate, and x1, x2, x3 or x20 multiplier values ​​will delight you in the fourth gate.

Win a multiplier up to 20 times the stakes!

In addition to all this, there are also sudden gains behind the question mark, or some other possibility when Keiko reaches a certain goal. After a couple of hot peppers, Keiko becomes a fox, so the movement is faster. Just be careful to avoid holes, because then there is no reward.

Mysteries of the East
Mysteries of the East

The game has a theoretical RTP of 96.06%, which is in line with the average. What’s nice is that the Mysteries of the East slot uses HTML5 technology, making it fully compatible with all mobile and desktop devices.

The maximum payout in this unusual and enchanting game is 2,400 times larger than your stake, and the betting range ranges from 0.1 to 500 coins. What you need to know is that if you decide to change the starting bet, you go back to the beginning of the game, and you lose your progress so far.

The theme of the game is related to Asian tradition and culture and the way of playing is very interesting. Throwing the dice and helping the main character move through the magical forest, will make your time fly by. At some point, a fox will also appear when you solve the tasks and run the shorter route to the prize.

In short, with the Mysteries of the East slot you will enjoy rolling the dice, but with interesting twists. Bonuses and great prizes raise the standards of this game, and you can see the magic before investing real money, at your chosen online casino in the demo version of the game.

Meet Keiko and embark on an Asian journey, with the classic Mysteries of the East dice game, with interesting bonuses.



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