Noble Sky – a sky slot with four jackpots

Have fun and win 5,000 times more. Play Noble Sky and win a fantastic jackpot!

We’ll go back in time for a moment. We will go back to the period when zeppelins first appeared. Of course, not everyone could fly then, and those things were only available to the nobles.

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So it’s no wonder why the new video slot is called Noble Sky. This casino game comes to us from the game maker Microgaming. If you want to know what this is about, we recommend that you read the rest of the text.

We have divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic characteristics
  • Noble Sky slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sounds

Basic characteristics

Noble Sky is a charming video slot that has five columns in three rows and 25 fixed paylines. All winning combinations are counted from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

To make any winnings you need to connect at least three symbols on the payline. There are a couple of high payout symbols that bring in winnings and with two symbols in the payout sequence.

Only one win is possible on one payline. If you make more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination.

The sum of winnings is possible if they are realized on different paylines.

For players who like high stakes, the Max Bet button is available. Clicking this button automatically places the highest possible spin bet.

Clicking the lightning button will activate Turbo Mode. The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time.

Noble Sky slot symbols

As in most video slot games, in the Noble Sky slot, the symbols of the lowest value are the classic card symbols: 10, J, Q, K and A. These symbols are divided into three groups according to the payout value.

The highest payout has the A symbol, which will bring you four times more than the stakes for the five symbols in the winning combination.

A compass and a hat with binoculars are the next symbols in terms of payout. The combination of these five symbols brings six times more than the stakes.

After that, you will see two ladies of the noble class. The combination of these five symbols brings 10 times more than the stakes. The symbol of the greatest paying power is the young man. Five of these symbols in the winning combination yield 20 times more than the stakes.

Bonus games

Free spins are not what you will get in this game. Instead, there are two stacked wilds available to you.

There is one stacked wild, bearing the Wild logo, and it acts as a regular wild symbol.

Another wildAirship Wild, launches the Respin bonus game. Both wilds change all the other symbols and help them form winning combinations. Wilds appear in columns two, three, four and five.

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When the AirShip wild appears on the columns and occupies the entire column, the Respin bonus game starts.

After that, the wild will move one column to the left. As long as the wild is on the columns, the Respin bonus game will last.

The respin bonus game ends after the first spin when the wild disappears from the screen. No other wilds can appear during this bonus game.

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But that’s not all. Multipliers also appear during this game. The rules for multipliers are as follows:

  • The first Respin yields the multiplier x1
  • The second Respin yields the multiplier x2
  • The third Respin yields the multiplier x3
  • The fourth Respin yields the multiplier x5
  • The fifth Respin yields a multiplier of x10

The jackpot can bring you 5,000 times more!

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Gold coins may appear on all symbols except the Wild. In the lower-left corner, you will see a gold collector. When a sufficient number of gold coins is collected, the jackpot bonus game starts.

After that, all the symbols from the columns will disappear and 12 gold coins will appear. There are four types of gold coins and each of the gold coins carries a certain jackpot value.

When you collect three of the same jackpot values, you have won a specific jackpot. The jackpot values ​​are as follows:

  • The mini jackpot brings 15 times more than the stakes
  • The minor jackpot brings 40 times more than the stakes
  • The major jackpot brings 500 times more than the stakes
  • The grand jackpot brings 5,000 times more than the stakes

Graphics and sounds

All you will see around the columns are clouds. The music is beautiful, you will enjoy it all the time while playing Noble Sky. The graphics are perfect and classy.

Noble Sky – let’s fly together to the jackpot!



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