Norns Fate – leave your destiny to the goddesses!

Norns Fate is the work of online casino game provider GameArt, which deals with three ladies from Nordic mythology who are known collectively as Norns. These are the three goddesses that shape the destiny of each person, and if you decide to try this slot, they will have fun with yours too! The Norns Fate video slot is a complex video slot that has three scatter symbols that take you to three bonus games and a special Odin symbol that is in charge of symbol transformation! Keep reading the text to learn more about this great game.

Norns Fate
Norns Fate slot layout

The video slot with the main motifs from Norse mythology is behind the title Norns Fate. This is a slot set in a magical setting, with the tree of life as the main motif in the background and hundreds of lights flying around, completing the whole experience. The slot board has an extended layout, with six columns in four rows, which means that there are 24 active playing fields. These fields are filled with different symbols that can be divided into two groups.

The mighty Odin transforms the symbols of the Norns Fate video slot

The first group of symbols consists of runes for different symbols, and they are influenced by one of the special symbols, which belong to the second group of symbols. It is about the wild, who is represented by Odin’s mask. In addition to being in charge of replacing the basic symbols and building winning combinations with them, this symbol has another special function!

The Odin symbol appears in all columns and whenever it appears on the game board it will turn into one of the three rune symbols. Take for example that it is a rune symbol reminiscent of the letter F. When a wild turns into an F symbol, all these symbols on the game board will turn into wilds and thus increase your chances of winning! The good thing is that Odin can appear multiple times during a single spin and thus further provide great winnings.

Norns Fate
Odin’s transformation

Three scatter symbols open three bonus games!

Special symbols include scatter symbols. There are three of them in this slot, they are represented by Norns and appear only in columns 4, 5 and 6. Each of these three scatter symbols has its own bonus game, and what they all have in common is that they reward you with 15 free spins and a three-fold increase in stakes. !! It is important to collect at least three of any scatter symbols and open the bonus game. In case you collect three different scatter symbols, the slot will randomly choose one that is to overcome and direct you to the bonus game.

Nonrs Fate
Three blue scatter symbols

When you find yourself in one of the three bonus games, the scatter symbols turn into expanding wilds and continue to appear only in columns 4, 5 and 6. Odin will also appear in the bonus game, but only in columns 1, 2 and 3, within which he will act as a regular wild. It’s time to guide you into the details of each bonus game.

Nonrs Fate
Expanding wilds

The bonus game with the green scatter symbol introduces the green Norna who, when she lands on a field, chooses one symbol for which Odin’s transformation will apply in the next spin! The red scatter symbol introduces us to a bonus game in which this symbol is accompanied by multipliers from x2 to x9, which affects every win in a given spin! The last bonus game is activated using a blue scatter symbol in which this symbol selects one rune symbol to become the expanding symbol. When these two symbols appear together on the game board, the rune symbol will expand to an entire column, providing great winnings!

Norns Fate
Bonus game of blue scatter symbols

Leave your destiny to the Norns by gambling their winnings

To make matters even better, GameArt has added a winnings gambling option to the Norns Fate video slot. This is an option that will be available to you after each winning spin in the base game or after the bonus game. You can double your bet by guessing which suit is the card facing you. The Gamble option can be used five times in a row, and you can’t use it if you’re playing in Autoplay mode.

The Norns Fate video slot has 30 paylines with special expanding wilds, Odin, who is in charge of transforming the basic symbols, and even three bonus games. Play a video slot run by three evil sisters in charge of the destinies of all people. Get involved in playing this online casino game and let the Norns influence your destiny and bring you exclusive bonuses!

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