Pamper Me – a nice slot with a bonus game!

A classic video slot with valuable wilds, free spins and three times more valuable winnings in the bonus game.

The Pamper Me video slot is a classic release from Habanero, as it comes with a standard number of columns and rows and one bonus game.

Read more about the slot below, where you will find out:

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it has and how to win
  • All about the symbols – which are, which bring instant payments, and which have bonus functions
  • Which is why the Wild is twice as valuable a symbol
  • How to get a bonus game with free spins

This time, Habanero turned to the fairer sex, creating a sweet, elegant game that presents all the stereotypes about women.

Thus, in 15 fields, we encounter various symbols of lipstick, earrings, bags and love letters.

If you are a fan of cute slots, try the Pamper Me video slot at your favorite online casino.

Meet the cute Pamper Me video slot

The title of the online casino slot Pamper Me reads the main idea of ​​the game – a luxurious life full of attention in the form of gifts of different types and shapes.

Such is the environment of the slot; long pink curtains hang from the ceiling, and a magnificent chandelier protrudes above the slot columns. Different symbols in pale shades of pink, purple, blue and green are placed in five columns on the beige board.

This time, the provider bypassed the classic card symbols and subordinated absolutely all the symbols to the main theme.

The first group of symbols of the Pamper Me slot includes a love letter, diamond earrings, a bouquet of flowers, lipstick, bags with clothes, a brush, shoes, perfume, a ring and a box of chocolates. Now you know what we’re talking about.

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However, we can also divide these symbols into two groups. The first six symbols belong to the first group and the combinations that result in a win must contain at least three of these symbols.

On the other hand, shoes, perfume, ring and chocolates provide payouts for both symbols combined.

All combinations of Pamper Me video slot symbols need to be sorted from left to right by columns, starting from the first column, and by paylines, of which this slot has 25.


If you have multiple winnings per payline, you will be paid the highest value payout. Parallel winnings on multiple paylines are possible.

The Wild doubles the value of the winning combination

The symbol that will help make more frequent winning combinations is the wild. This symbol is represented by a green-eyed brunette and appears in all columns of the slot.

In addition to building combinations with basic symbols, the Wild also offers payouts for his own combinations. This is the only symbol that offers payouts for just one symbol combined!

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Wondering how? Whenever this lady participates in making winnings with some other symbol, she will double the value of that combination.

Win 12 or more free spins

The symbol that is key to launching the Pamper Me slot bonus game is the smiling poodle. This is a symbol that offers payouts for your own combinations, of more than two symbols.

In addition to winning, this symbol will direct you to a bonus game in which you will receive 12 free spins.

The great thing about the bonus game is that the value of each winning combination within it is tripled!

There is also the possibility of extending the game using the poodle symbol. To get additional free spins, you need to collect three or more scatter symbols again.

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The graphics characteristic of Habanero are applied here as well. The slot board is in the central position, the paylines are shown on the side, the slot logo is above, and the command board is on the bottom.

This board is a characteristic blue-gray color, and it has options that will help you when spinning.

All in all, Pamper Me is a standard video slot with a wild, which doubles the value of each hand, a bonus game in which all winnings are worth three times as much, and the ability to win additional free spins.

If you like slots with more modest graphics, solid wins and are looking for an escape from complicated video slots, try Pamper Me.

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