Casino terminology – a brief overview of poker terms

The fact is that poker is the most played and most popular casino game of all time, whose origin is not clear, but which gained its wider popularity at the beginning of the 20th century. Although the game is most common in casinos, both long-term players and beginners already know how it works, it contains a lot of terms in English, which even native speakers would not be clear out of context. It is for this reason that we decided to make a brief overview of the most used poker terms.

A brief overview of poker terms – everything you wanted to know about poker

Aces Full – Full House, that is a combination of five cards, of which three aces and one pair.

Ace-High – A five-card hand containing one ace, which in this case is the strongest card. If no one has a pair in their hand, this hand wins.

Aces Up – A poker hand containing two pairs, one of which is an ace pair.

Acey-Deucy – A hand that contains two pairs of aces and deuces.

Action – The player’s turn to play; a game with a lot of pots – Action Game.

Active Player – A player who is still playing

Add-on – An additional purchase of chips in tournaments that costs as much as a buy-in to a tournament.

Advantage – The term Edge is also used to denote an advantage over an opponent. This term is also found in the term House Advantage / Edge, which refers to the advantage that the casino has over players.

Ajax – Name for a hand containing an Ace and a Jack (A and J)

All-in – the situation where a player bets all the chips he currently owns. Also known as Push or Shove.

All black – Flush black, in spade or club.

All Pink – Also called All Red; Flush red, in diamonds or hearts.

American Airlines (A-A) – Two aces.

Anna Kournikova – Name for a hand containing an ace and a king; bears this name because “it looks nice, but often loses.”

Ante – A predetermined and mandatory amount that the player pays at the beginning of each hand.

Baby – Used as a term for a small value card, especially 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Backdoor – Assembling a different hand than planned, e.g. straight instead of Flush.

Bankroll – The money you have at your disposal.

Bet – Place a bet.

Bet in the Dark – Announce a role before the cards are dealt.

Bluff – Bluff.

Broadway – Kenta / Straight from 10 to A.

A Brief Overview of Poker Terms - Kent
A Brief Overview of Poker Terms – Kent

Buy-in – The minimum amount of money to participate.

Call – Bet as much as the previous player bet; follow the game.

Cash-out – Leaving the game and replacing the chips for cash.

Check – Stay in the game without investing, “check”,

Check-raise – A situation where player 1 “checks” and someone else places a bet, then player 1 raises the value of the stake (Raise). Raising the amount of an already raised stake is called Re-Raise, and the common term for both situations is “come over the Top”.

Cold Deck – A furnished deck of cards.

Community Cards / Community Pot – Community cards, those cards that can be used by all players; also known as the Family Pot.

Cowboys (K-K) – Two kings.

Dead Man’s Hand – The name for a hand that contains two pairs A and 8. This sounding name was given to “Wild Bill” Hickok, who had this combination of cards at the poker table at the time of his death.

Dead Hand – A hand that has been canceled.

Deal – Deal

Deck – A deck of cards.

Deuces – The name for a hand containing a pair of deuces; also known as Duck.

Dolly Parton – A hand that owns a 5 to 9 kentu, named after a song by popular American singer Dolly Parton, called “Nine to Five”.

Doyle Brunson – The hand consisting of 10 and 2, named after the player who won the WSOP twice with this hand.

Draw – Waiting for a specific card or more. When a player is missing one or more cards to reach the winning hand, e.g. he is missing 10 for the Royal Flush, this hand we call the Royal Flush Draw.

Drop – Give up the game; also known as a fold.

Fish / Sucker – Name for a bad player, one who often loses.

Flush – Color – a hand that has five of any cards of the same suit.

Four of a kind – Poker; a hand containing four of the same cards. Also known as Quads.


Full House / Full Boat – A hand that has two identical cards (pair) and three of the same (trilling).

A brief overview of poker terms - Full House
A brief overview of poker terms – Full House

Gut Shot – A situation where a combination of five cards is missing one, middle card to make a scale.

High Hand – The strongest hand.

High Roller – The name for the player who plays with the highest stakes. Another name is Whale.

Kicker – A card that determines the outcome between two same hands.

Kojak – A hand containing a king and a gendarme, named after an American TV series.

Ladies – A hand that owns two queens.

Monster – A term used for a good player or a good hand.

Muck – Give up the game; a set of all discarded cards.

No-Limit – A type of poker in which there is no limit to the amount of money that can be invested at any one time.

Nuts – The best possible hand at a given moment.

Off-suit – starting hand with two cards of different colors.

Out – A card that gives the winning hand.

Over-pair – A situation where a pair in the hand of a player is larger than the largest community card.

Pair – A hand that has two identical cards.

Picture Cards – Cards with pictures on them – gendarme, lady and king.

Pot – Money invested that the winner gets in the end.

Rag – Bad card for all players.

Rake – “Pixel”, the share that the casino takes.

Royal Flush – Five cards from A to 10 of the same suit.

A brief overview of poker terms - Royal Flush
A brief overview of poker terms – Royal Flush

Rush – Winning streak.

Scare Card – A card that can change the course of the hand.

Split Pot – A pot dealt between players with the same hand in their hands.

Suited – Starting hand with both cards of the same suit.

Thirty Miles – A hand containing three tenths.

Three of a Kind – A hand with three of the same cards, also known in our country as Trilling.

Tilt – The condition of a player who due to poor play tends to play worse.

Treys – A hand that has a pair of threes.

Two Pair – A hand that contains two different pairs.

Walking Sticks – Hand with a pair of weeks.

Wild Card – Joker; a card that can replace any other card.

A brief overview of poker terms is specifically for poker, and if you have any doubts about casino terminology in general, visit our Casino Dictionary. You can also play poker games here.


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