Pride Fight – an online game inspired by MMA fights!

The world of MMA is huge, so it’s no surprise that it’s an inspiration to casino game providers. The game Pride Fight comes from the provider Evoplay with the theme of MMA fights. In this game you have the opportunity to have fun, take part in difficult battles, but also to make a profit.

The Evoplay provider provides us with excellent online slots as well as interesting instant games. Pride Fight belongs to the fun games, and it’s actually a much simpler experience than you might expect. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is bad, on the contrary, the beauty of the game is in its simplicity.

The theme of Pride Fight is all about MMA fighting, and the playing field features an arena that always has two fighters fighting against each other.

The audio visuals are excellent and there are plenty of great combat animations to look forward to. Pride Fight game looks pretty good.

Pride Fight

The Pride Fight game comes with a low jackpot of 49.5x, but it’s fair to say that this amount is easy to win. The theoretical RTP of the game is between 95.95% and 96.25%.

The gameplay loop of Pride Fight is relatively simple. First you have to choose your fighter and his country he comes from.

You can change this at any time and the difference is only visual. You will then need to place a bet to start the actual fight.

The game Pride Fight takes you to the fighting arena!

When this happens you will have to choose a place to hit or simply click the Random button and let the game decide for you. You will then see some fight animations and find out the outcome of the fight.

If you lose, you’ll have to start over. If you win, you will increase your bet multiplier and you will be given the choice to collect your winnings or continue.

If you draw, you will halve any potential winnings and be given the choice to collect your winnings or continue. This loop of play continues until you lose, collect your winnings or reach the maximum win of 49.5x.

Pride Fight is an instant casino game that manages to be quite fun in short bursts. Its gameplay is simple as it’s just a matter of choosing an area to hit and hoping for a good outcome.

Pride Fight

The high production values will draw you in and really make you feel like an MMA fighter for a while.

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Now let’s go back to Pride Fight, a game from Evoplay that is inspired by MMA fights. This game also has a demo version so you can try it for free at your chosen online casino.

Pride Fight

The game is specific and you choose your fighter as well as which country he comes from. We chose a fighter from Serbia who defeated a fighter from Belgium and ensured us a win.

MMA is mixed martial arts better known as vale, tudo, freestyle fighting. So, this is a modern martial sport in which the techniques of various martial arts are used. In the history of mankind, every ancient civilization had its own fighting skill.

The game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Play Pride Fight at your chosen online casino and make a profit.


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