Progressive and fixed jackpots of online casinos!

If you are a regular visitor to our online casino portal, you may have noticed that we often mention jackpots. We’ve even dedicated an entire category to jackpot games, but we haven’t dealt with the types of jackpots yet. Since jackpots are largely present in online casinos, we decided to take a closer look at this topic. Accordingly, in the following text, a tutorial on the topic of Progressive and fixed jackpots of online casinos awaits you.

There are dozens of tutorials on the subject of jackpots and each offers its own division of jackpots. With this tutorial, we have chosen to present you the division into fixed and progressive jackpots.

First of all, what is a jackpot? The jackpot is the highest possible prize you can win by playing a particular game. It should be said that other online casinos have a jackpot, but slots have a special place, because most often they contain jackpots, so we will deal with slots in this tutorial.

Fixed Jackpots

The first and basic difference between fixed and progressive jackpots is their value.

A fixed or standard jackpot means a fixed amount of money offered by a game. This means that the value of the jackpot cannot be affected by the number of players participating in the game or whether this jackpot has been previously won in that game and how many times it has been won, if so. A great example of games with fixed jackpots is the series of online casino game providers Playtech, which offers a specific jackpot within each game. It is a Fire Blaze series that offers several games: Jinns Moon, Golden Macaque, Eternal Lady, Tsai Shen’s Gift, Pharaoh’s Daughter, Blue Wizard and Sky Queen.

With such jackpots, there are usually three or four jackpots that can potentially be won. The most important item that needs to be filled in to win one of the jackpots is the stacking of symbols. It is usually necessary to fill the game board with one and the same symbol in order to reach the biggest jackpot, or to collect several symbols of smaller jackpots in order to reach other jackpots. So, this is a predetermined rule that must be followed, so it differs significantly from progressive jackpots that do not have a predetermined rule of ordering symbols or entering a bonus game.

Progressive and fixed jackpots of online casinos
Golden Macaque – choose symbols in order to win the jackpot

Progressive jackpots

On the other hand, winning a progressive jackpot does not depend on bonus games or symbol matching. These are jackpots that you can win in absolutely any spin and that is the thing that attracts players the most. Progressive jackpots work according to the RNG system (Random Number Generator), ie according to the principle of random number generators. This system regulates fair play and adds adrenaline to games, because it is completely normal for the jackpot not to “fall” for weeks and then for you to win it after only a few spins.

The biggest difference between fixed and progressive jackpots is the value of the jackpots, as mentioned earlier. Progressive jackpots have a predetermined starting number, but this number is constantly growing. Therefore, the ideal situation is that the jackpot on a game does not “fall” for a long time, which means that the number will only grow until it is finally won.

What affects the value of the progressive jackpot?

The value of the progressive jackpot includes parts of each player’s stake. So, whenever a player plays a spin on a slot, the jackpot value will be added to one part of the stake, which does not mean that his stake decreases. It just means that a small part of his stake ended up in the jackpot, which increased his value.

Now imagine hundreds of players playing one game, investing hundreds of dinars in a jackpot. The more players play one game, and the higher the jackpot, the more tempting the game. To win a progressive jackpot, it does not matter whether you play by investing the minimum prescribed amount of money or playing with the maximum stakes. The progressive jackpot will simply be won by the player with the most luck.

Once this jackpot is won in a game, the value of the jackpot returns to the original, predetermined value, and its increase begins with the first following spin, constantly growing until the moment of winning again. Theoretically, given the regulation by the RNG, a progressive jackpot can be won even in the next spin.

Types of progressive jackpots

The progressive jackpot also has its types, these are:

  • Stand-Alone – this is a jackpot that is tied to only one game played in only one casino,
  • In-House or local is a jackpot that involves a group of connected slots with one common progressive jackpot in one casino. So playing a few slots results in a much higher jackpot value, but the chances of winning are also lower because more players participate in the game,
  • Wide-Area or Network – this is a group that includes a large number of casino slots and a large number of casinos that have common jackpots for predetermined slots worldwide

To provide an example of Network progressive jackpots, we will mention the slots of the Playtech provider. This is a series of slots called Age of the Gods and just some of these slots are Age of the Gods: Epic Troy, Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters, Age of the God: Furious Four, Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin and so on et cetera.

There are really a lot of slots in this series and they are all connected by a jackpot, that is. The series offers four jackpots of different values. Coincidentally, fixed and progressive jackpots collide somewhat here, as Age of the Gods involves playing a bonus game in order to win jackpots. However, we cannot call this series fixed because the value of jackpots is growing, and winning jackpots still works according to the system of random number generators.

Progressive and fixed jackpots of online casinos
Epic Troy, an example of playing a bonus game

There is no right choice of jackpot, simply, each player should choose according to their affinities. Progressive jackpots can make you a millionaire in just one spin, regardless of the stakes, but if you are a player who likes a guaranteed win, it can be said that a slot with a fixed jackpot is the right choice for you. After all, try both types and then you will be safer in choosing.

Apart from these progressive and fixed jackpots slots, there are variety of reviews that you can read here.


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