Rainbrew – a slot inspired by Irish culture!

With the video slot Rainbrew of the provider Microgaming, we go to a cheerful brewery. This is a slot inspired by Irish culture, in which a leprechaun and a girl, reminiscent of famous fairies from British folklore, appear in the process of producing this alcoholic product.

In the whole process, you will get acquainted with the wilds, who participate in the Sidewinder function, and the scatter symbols, which give way to a bonus game with 10 free spins, 1,125 winning combinations and expanding wilds. Read more about this unique slot below.

Framed with beer tubes, the online casino slot Rainbrew is set in a factory, on wooden walls.


In the Rainbrew slot, various symbols appear in five columns and three rows, in charge of making winnings. It is noticeable that there are two additional lines in which special symbols appear, but we will talk about them later.

The basic symbols of the Rainbrew slot are five jewel symbols with wooden frames, a pipe, a mug and a beer keg, a fairy and a leprechaun.

In order for these symbols to win, they need to be on the columns in combinations of 3-5 of the same from left to right.

In addition, the symbol combination must match on one of 243, 576 or 1,125 winning combinations. If several combinations match, only the most valuable one pays off. The difference between the number of active winning combinations depends on the additional columns we mentioned.

Two additional rows of symbols in the Rainbrew slot run the Sidewinder function!

The Rainbrew video slot boasts a well-designed mechanic, which provides interesting additional functions, but also additional ways to earn winnings.

This can be attributed to the Sidewinder function that runs the top and bottom row with wilds. Namely, this video slot has three types of wilds, the first is regular and appears within fifteen fields on the board.

As for the other two wilds, these are special wilds that appear in the pipes above and below the columns, but also in the baseboard, in the second and fourth columns, ie. each wild has its own order and its own column.

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The top wild appears in the row above the columns, and Bottom in the one above, and both of these wilds increase the number of winning combinations.

When one wild appears in one row, the number of winning combinations increases to 576, and when wilds appear in both rows, the number increases to 1,125.

What we haven’t told you is that scatter symbols can also appear in these rows, and also run the Sidewinder function.

The bonus game provides 1,125 winning combinations and expanding wilds

If scatter symbols, in the form of a slot logo, appear in three or four copies on the base game board, they will start a bonus game. Depending on how many scatter symbols appear in the combination, the number of free spins varies:

  • 3 scatter symbols provide 6 free spins
  • 4 scatter symbols provide 10 free spins

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The great thing about the Rainbrew slot bonus game is that both additional rows are active, which give the maximum number of winning combinations, ie. 1,125.

In the bonus game, the wild and scatter symbols only appear in two additional rows, but new symbols are introduced.

If two regular wilds stop in both rows in the same positions, they will create an extended wild symbol, which will occupy the entire column. In addition, each time a scatter symbol appears, it will award one extra free spin.

Rainbrew is a likable casino slot, with an innovative Sidewinder feature that increases the number of winning combinations to 576 and 1,125, additional wilds get their features, and scatter symbols trigger bonus games.

Bonus games are not to be underestimated either, as they come with the maximum number of winning combinations, expanding wilds and additional free spins. All with the goal of more fun and better bonuses.

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Play the Rainbrew slot at your favorite online casino and make top winnings.