Reel Thunder – feel the power of casino acceleration!

The video slot Reel Thunder from the game maker Microgaming allows you to go on a great ride adventure. The road is open, sit behind your favorite engine and add gas to the end. Do you need more than that? Bikers are the central theme of this slot, but as casino games combine incompatibly, this time the bikers are wild boars. You will see unusual symbols between the reels, but more on that later. If you want to know the details of the Reel Thunder video slot, read the rest of the text.

Reel Thunder is a video slot that has five reels in three rows and nine paylines. The paylines are fixed and you cannot change their number. To make any winnings you need to connect two or three symbols on the payline. Lower payout symbols pay for only three symbols in the payline, while high payout symbols pay with two payload symbols. All winning combinations, except those with the scatter symbol, are counted from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left.

Reel Thunder
Reel Thunder

It is possible to make one win on one payline. If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination. The sum of winnings is certainly possible, but only when they are made on different paylines.

The image on the coin image button will open a menu where you will be able to select a bet. The Autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time. Clicking the Max button automatically sets the maximum bet per spin, and the lightning button activates Turbo Spin Mode, which will make the game much more dynamic.

About the Reel Thunder slot symbols

We will present the Reel Thunder slot symbols starting with the lowest payout symbols. The symbol of the least paying power are hot toasts on a plate. The symbol of a slightly higher-paying power is breakfast, where you will see eggs and bacon, followed immediately by a hot dog with mustard. Hot pepper is the next symbol in terms of payment value, it already brings significantly higher payments. Five of these symbols in the winning combination will bring you 33.33 times more than your stake.

The first of the high payout symbols is a mug of beer, and five mugs on the payline will bring you 66.66 times the value of your stake. This symbol is followed by a speedometer from the engine, as well as the logo of this group of bikers. The shadow of a biker on a motorcycle is a very valuable symbol, which will bring you 100 times more than the stakes for five of them in the winning combination.

Win 1,111 times more

The engine symbol is even more valuable than this symbol, and the wild boar on the engine carries the highest paying power. She wears glasses, laughs and her golden tooth stands out. Five of these symbols on the payline bring you 1,111 times the value of your stake. A great reason to try Reel Thunder.

The wild symbol is represented by angel wings. It changes all the symbols, except the scatter, and helps them form winning combinations. Wilds appear only on reels two, three and four.

A winning combination with the wild symbol
Scatter pays wherever it is on the reels

But even here, there is no end to the story about the symbols, because there is one special symbol in this slot. It’s a scatter, which is represented by a logo, and will not bring you free spins. Its only specialty is that he pays wherever he is on the reels, whether on the payline or not. Five scatters on the reels will bring you 50 times more than the stakes.

Reel Thunder3

The RTP of this video slot is a great 96.95%.

The game is set on a blue background, and behind it you will see all the symbols of this slot. The sound effects are pretty standard, while the graphics are very good.

Reel Thunder – feel the power of a casino biker!

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