Differences between 3 – reels and 5 – reels slots!

It’s time to draw your attention to the most popular but also the most numerous group of online casino games, these are slots. You have already seen various divisions on our portal, and slots with 3 and 5 reels are the topic of today’s tutorial. In this text, we will talk mainly about the differences between these slots, but you will see that there are certain similarities between them. Read more about this topic below.

When you just look at the design of these slots, the difference is immediately noticeable. 3-reel slots usually have three rows. That is the rule, but there are exceptions. You will also see slots that are located in one row. Five-reel slots usually have three rows, but they can have more than that.

So, the first thing you will notice is the significantly higher number of symbols in slots that have five reels.

3-slot and 5-reel slots – symbol differences

Some users of online casino services prefer simpler games, which is why they prefer slots with three reels. This type of slot design will remind you of the classic slots that were dominant in Las Vegas casinos. The symbols of these slots are usually fruit trees, so you will see cherries, plums, oranges, lemons, etc. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. You can often find slots with three reels in which the Chinese theme is present, and even the symbols reflect this theme.

The fruit symbols for the slots with three reels are the card symbols for the slots with five reels. These are usually the symbols of the least paying power, so you will most often see them on the reels. Of course, there are slots with five reels that talk about a special topic such as Egyptian or Greek mythology, futuristic slots, movie-inspired slots. In some slots you will not see card symbols and this is because all symbols will be related to the theme they represent.

3 reel vs 5 reels slots1
Three-reel slots, example: Burning Wins

If you are looking for advanced features, you will definitely find them in slots that have five reels. 3-reel slots offer simpler betting options as well as fewer features. A lot of online casino users have remained attached to this type of slots despite the real invasion of modern slot games.

Five-reel slots have a much larger number of paylines

The next difference between these two types of online slot games is in the number of paylines. Three-reel slots offer a significantly smaller number of paylines. Most often, the number of paylines ranges between one and five paylines. The situation is the opposite with slots with five reels. The payout number of lines is different. A slot with five reels can have 9, 10, 20, 25, but also a significantly larger number of paylines. Video slots with 40, 50 and even 100 paylines are being seen more and more often. There are slots with a huge number of winning combinations ranging from 243 to 1,024. This can give you a chance for much more frequent winnings.

Slots volatility

Volatility is the next characteristic by which slots with 3 and slots with 5 reels can be distinguished. Three-reel slots are characterized by lower volatility. Payments are regular, but smaller. This type of game is usually recommended for players with a limited budget. Five-reel slots are mostly high-volatility slots. Payments happen less often, but when they do, you can expect quite big winnings from one spin.

3 reel vs 5 reels slots
Five-reel slots, example: Forest Rock

As with volatility, jackpots are pretty limited with three-reel slots. In contrast, five-reel slots tend to give high jackpots. Progressive jackpots on five-reel games tend to pay out even millions. Register and play here to see great jackpots for you!

Audio and video effects are really much better on five-reel slots. Of course, there are also slots in three reels that can match the slots with five reels with their visual effects, but they are simply exceptions.

Exclusive bonuses

Exclusive bonuses are what give a huge advantage to slots with five reels and slots in three reels simply cannot match them.

We have seen that both types of online slot games have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to choose what is more attractive to you, and if this text helped at least a little, the better.

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