Review of the most common video poker games!

As we have previously dealt with a general overview of video poker games, their rules and winning combinations, the aim of this tutorial will be to show only some types of video poker. Let’s first remind ourselves what video poker is, so we can continue to review video poker games.

Video poker is an online casino game that originates from the most popular card game – poker. This is a game based on the most common variant of poker, the so-called Five-card draw, in which, as the name suggests, each player is dealt five cards. The player, furthermore, has the right to keep the cards that suit him and request the replacement of cards that do not suit him (up to three cards). After the second draw, the outcome of the game is found out, which in standard video poker looks like this:

  • No pair / High card – non-winning hand; nothing
  • Pair – two identical cards
  • Two pair – two of the same and two of the same
  • Three of a kind – Trilling
  • Straight – five connected cards of any character
  • Flush – any five cards of the same sign
  • Full House – two same (pair) and three same (trilling)
  • Four of a kind / Poker – four of a kind
  • Straight Flush – five connected cards of the same sign
  • Royal Flush – five connected cards of the same sign, from 10 to A.

There are a lot of types of video poker and it would be impossible to list all the existing ones, but we will look at some of the most common and most played ones.

An overview of the most common video poker games – Jacks or Better

This is the most common type of video poker, which is considered to be the first version of video poker, and is also known as Draw Poker. This type of video poker involves, instead of two pairs, as usual hands with the least payout, a pair of Jacks or better. The RTP (return to player) of this video poker is 99.54%.

Review of video poker games
Jacks or Better, Habanero

All Aces

All Aces is a variation of the game Jacks or Better that provides better payouts for the outcome of four of a kind for four aces, which is read in the name of video poker. The value of the outcome of four aces is even higher than Royal Flush, which definitely sets this video poker apart from other types when it comes to aces. The only drawback is that due to the excellent payouts for the All Aces outcome, the value of other outcomes is slightly lower compared to other video pokers. The RTP (return to player) of this video poker is 99.92%.

Review of video poker games
All Aces Poker, Microgaming


Bonus Poker

This is another variant of video poker Jacks or Better that offers better payouts for the outcome of Four of a kind with four aces, four doubles, four threes and four fours. The payouts for four aces are 80 to 1, for four doubles, threes or fours 40 to 1, while for other cards the ratio is 25 to 1. The RTP of this video poker is 99.16%.


Review of video poker games
Bonus Poker, Microgaming

Bonus Poker Deluxe

Contrary to the standard that deluxe versions bring some novelty to the game, Bonus Poker Deluxe offers a simpler game than its predecessor. This video poker is more similar to Jacks or Better poker than Bonus Poker, as it offers the same payout for all variants of the Four of a kind outcome. There are two things that differentiate this video poker from the poker to which it is most similar: lower payouts for Two Pairs outcomes and higher payouts for a Four of a kind outcome. The RTP of this video poker is 98.49%.

Review of video poker games
Bonus Poker Deluxe, Microgaming

Aces and Faces

This type of video poker is close to the Jacks or Better variant, but even closer to the previous version. The difference between Aces and Faces video poker and Bonus poker is the value of the Four of a kind outcome, where the second type provides better payouts for four aces, twos, threes and fours. Aces and Faces, as its name suggests, has the best payouts for the Four of a Kind outcome, but which includes aces, kings, ladies and gendarmes. The RTP of this version of video poker is 99.26%.

Aces and Faces Power Poker, Microgaming
All American

All American is another version of Jacks or Better video poker with increased payouts for Straight, Flush, Straight Flush and Royal Flush outcomes. However, you can expect lower payments than the standard ones for Full House outcomes and two pairs. The biggest difference is for the outcome of Straight Flush, which in this type of video poker offers a ratio of 200: 1, unlike other types of poker that offer about 50: 1. All American RTP video poker is 99.38%.

All American, Habanero
All American, Habanero

Deuces Wild

With this type of video poker, we open the door to jokers who are increasingly present in this type of game. In addition to the fact that Deuces Wild is very similar to Jacks or Better video poker, the jokers make a huge difference. There is still a deck of 52 cards in play, but in this case, the deuces act like wildcards, replacing any other card. This allows for stronger hands more often, which is the most ideal outcome of poker. With the Deuces Wild version, the hand with the lowest payout is trilling, which means there are no payouts for two pairs and for a pair of gendarmes or better. The RTP of this video poker is between 97.67% and 97.97%. You can follow the overview of all outcomes on the main screen, as well as in other pokers.

Deuces Wild Multihand, Expanse Studios
Joker Poker

Unlike Deuces Wild video poker, Joker Poker has 53 playing cards, making the Joker an additional card. The RTP (return to player) of this video poker is 98.60%.

Joker Poker, Expanse Studios

This is just a brief overview, which is intended to introduce you to the diverse world of video poker, in which you will be able to navigate yourself with the help of this overview of the most common video poker games. Try one of the listed types and enjoy the most popular games at the online casino.

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