Roulette Fazi is the perfect dose of fun and adrenaline!

The game makers Fazi brings you a new online casino table game, Roulette Fazi. This is a game based on the classic rules of roulette and offers you the option to get amazing bonuses.

Roulette Fazi is one of the fastest modern games with a dynamic investment system.

roulette fazi

Roulette Fazi

By the investment system, there are two ways that you can invest your money which might be in the number sector and the secondary investment sector.

You can guess the full number, quarters, halves, sixths, thirds and the normal ones.

The dozens option represents an investment in three different sectors, the first encompasses all numbers from one to twelve, the second covers numbers 13 to 24, and the third all numbers from 25 to 36.

You can also play on all numbers from one to 18, as well as on the other, high half from 19 to 36. You also have a classic bet where you can guess whether the next drawn number will be black or red and whether it will be even or odd.

If you press the “race bet” button, the investment section will change its outline and switch from standard to the round view that will show you the numbers that are arranged in the same way as on the roulette wheel itself. Here you will be able to play “series” and “special roles”.

The series contains the following:

  • Zero: investing in numbers that are closest to zero: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15
  • Vicini series: Investing in neighbor number zero.
  • A full one number investment series where you invest a number and the halves between six and nine, 14 and 17, 17 and 20, 31 and 34.
  • Series 5/8: Bet on all numbers on the roulette wheel from 27 to 33.
    The red snake represents a bet on 12 red numbers that form the shape of a snake.

Special roles include:

  • Crown: this is where you place a bet on the selected number and all the fields.
  • Neighbors: Here you place the chips on the selected number and on its adjacent numbers.
  • Finals: A bet on the selected number as well as a bet on all numbers on the roulette table that end with the same digit as the selected number.
  • Black Splits: Stakes on seven black splits: 8/11, 10/11, 10 / 13, 17 / 20, 26/29, 28/29, 28/31
    Red splits: Stakes on four red splits: 9/12, 16/19, 18/21, 27/30

Roulette Fazi offers two types of progressive jackpots!
The unique aspect of this game is that it offers you two types of progressive jackpot! From the left screen, you will see how the number changes constantly, while the other numbers increase. The smaller one is platinum, and the bigger one is the diamond one! These are two more good reasons to try this game.

Choose your number, spin the roulette and let luck serve you!

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